Review Fix Exclusive: T Mitch Talks ‘The Man’ And More

Review Fix chats with T Mitch who discusses his new single, “The Man” and more.

About T Mitch:

T Mitch is an artist and producer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that can rap and sing. He’s a versatile artist that can do Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Rap music, but lately his main focus has been on doing trap music with his unique sound. T Mitch is always performing, doing local shows and working on new music and projects. Be on the lookout for some new music and what he has in hold for his future.

Review Fix: How did you get your start in music?

T Mitch: The way I started with music was in middle school I had this music teacher that would always push me to continued and grow in music because he saw the potential I had in music and I was always picking up everything faster than the others classmate, so at 6 years old he pretty much force me and convince my mother to make me join the school Choir and from there i’ve joined the school Choir. My music teacher made me the lead singer of Choir and from there I started doing performance at a young age, At 8 years old when my mom sign me up for private music lessons and from there I started playing music, I started with piano lesson then I switch up to drum lesson. My music teachers would teach me how to play the classical, jazz and blues music but I was musically influenced by Rap, Hip Hop, Pop and R&B type of music because of my entourage. So eventually quit my music classes and started creating my music but I never took it serious until now. I was always influenced by my friends when I was young and the fact the none of them did music really didn’t motivate me to music but to do what they do. After some years went by, my friends would always tell me and push me to continued in music and don’t let my music be for waste but share it with the world but i’ve never listened to them until now.

Review Fix: How is Canadian Hip Hop different?

T Mitch: I find Canadian Hip Hop different because of the Canadian culture, the way we are in society is different from the others and I find that Canadian artist express them self differently from the others artist. If I look at artist such as Drake, I find that Drake expresses him differently from other artist because he’s Canadian from Toronto. The way I express my self in music is probably not the same way as an artist from the United State just because of the environment we are in and the way we grow. If think that’s why Canadian Hip Hop is different.

Review Fix: What makes your brand special? Who do you think your music serves?

T Mitch: My brand is special because am unique in music, I have my sound and because of the energy I bring and the versatility in my music. What makes my brand really special is the story behind it all because am from a city were its hard to make it out doing music and there’s a lot of negativity from the people in the city but am turning all that negativity as motivation for me to show the people who don’t believe in their goals that if you work hard enough for your brand you could succeed. My music serves everybody that can relate to it, everybody that wants to get up and feel confident about them self and have a purpose to work for their goal and that wants to enjoy their moment and just have fun. I also want to inspire the people trough my brand and be an influence for the younger generation.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like for this album?

T Mitch: My creative process for this album is depending on how I feel and the mood I am in. I always go with what the people want to hear and whats going on in life, you’re gonna hear a bit of Rap, Trap, Hip Hop and R&B ect… depending on how i’m feeling in the moment. I don’t want to get in too much details because I want to be a surprise for the people.

Review Fix: How was “The Man” written?

T Mitch: I was inspired to write “The Man” because of the people who believe in me. Some of my friends would always motivate me to do music and they would say that I am the man and a lot people would look up to me because I was that guy and they were waiting to see what T Mitch has in store next for the people so I started writing the hook for this song that was“Im the man and I do it for all my fans”. The people and the fans really inspired me to write this song and I did it for me and guys so we could rejoice together.

Review Fix: What’s your other standout song on the album? How was it written?

T Mitch: I would go with “Rolling” just because the title the song really stands out for it self and how the title it really describe how I want to get my career rolling to the right direction. I love the song “Rolling” because of the versatility I give in this song during the chorus of the song and the second verse, The reason I wrote “Rolling” is because I wanted to make a statement with this song that for now on things are gonna get rolling with T Mitch and expect more because im taking my music career on a new level this year and I’m working hard to head to the top.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2017?

T Mitch: My goals for 2017 would be to go on tour and do some performances outside of my city and connect with the fans. I want to grow has artist this year and experience some stuff that i’ve never experience music wise and grow a bigger fan base, I’m looking forward to working with different artist in the industry and get more exposure as an artist and be on TV.

Review Fix: What makes this album special?

T Mitch: It’s special because its my first project that am working on and its gonna be something never heard before. I’m trying to be the more creative that I can with this album with my versatility and bring something new to game and never heard before, i’m focusing on showing a new side of T Mitch with this album and his music. I’m bringing a lot of energy and good vibes in this album, ill be expressing myself in the music with this new album, you can expect a bit mix of Rap, R&B, Trap and Hip hop music in this album and its gonna be great.

Review Fix: How do you want your music to affect people?

T Mitch: I want my music to affect the people in positive way, I want the people the rejoice will they hear my songs and turn up to them. I want my music to send a good vibe while listening to it and lead them have a time good, I want my music to motivate the people to go and work to succeed there goals.

Review Fix: What’s next?

T Mitch: You can expect more music and more projects from T Mitch.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

T Mitch: Stay tuned and expect great things from T Mitch because the best is yet to come.

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