Price is Right

Kristen Price’s Brixton to Brooklyn is a fantastic album consisting of nine tracks, two featuring Len Xiang, and spans the musical genres of R&B, dance, rock and pop. Price’s sound is a cross between Lucy Woodward, Liz Phair, Katy Perry, Kylie Monogue, and even at times, a young Roxette.

The first track, “With or Without You” is a pop-rock song with a great hook hooks, a catchy chorus, and a positive message for strong women. It’s a fun sound and packs a punch in terms of a cool rhythm. “Give that Girl,” also follows in track one’s footsteps, with the exception of a flirty modern pop chorus, and power vocals which bring Roxette’s early 80’s sound to mind.

Price also offers some great ballads on the album including, “Moving On” and “Gone.” Both songs showcase Price’s ability to work a ballad and convey the emotion as well as passion that needs to be present behind the lyrics. Both tracks are heartfelt and also exemplify an awesome chorus with an R&B touch. These songs are hit material, respectively.

“Broken,” one of Price’s best on the album, is also an inspiring R&B pop song with a positive message, proving that Price isn’t in the business for the fun of it; she has something genuine to say, and does not disappoint with this track. A great song to play when your down with positive energy and lyrics, “broken wings will learn to fly again.”

Price will also have you getting up to dance with this album. “Take Me to the Top” begins with an electric guitar rock sound fused with a danceable up-tempo beat you will want to blast in your car. Continuing with the ‘girl power’ messages, “One More Time” is another dance track with fierce lyrics and Price’s vocal ability in full swing.

Len Xiang is also featured on two tracks-“Let Your Light Shine” and “Press That Button.” Both songs bring the hip-hop R&B flavor, thanks to Xiang, as Price’s fans will think Kylie Monogue when she comes into the song. Both tracks are fun, club-type songs with up-tempo beats and a great soprano sound.

Price has a song for everyone and anyone on this album. She will certainly make a fan out of those who listen to her music. Overall, her vocal ability soars, proving that Price can make a name for herself in the business, and is most likely hear to stay.

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