Machine Elves ‘Fancy Suits and Cigarettes’ Review: More Than Just ‘Fancy’

Bang your heads and raise your pinky’s because New York hard rockers Machine Elves’ new album“Fancy Suits and Cigarettes” is a whole lotta fancy and more.

The album consists of 13 tasty tracks that border on sleaze and glam rock with a few progressive curves.

A nice portion of the album sounds like Queensryche, especially “Machine Elves” and “Queen Takes Knight.” Singer Joey Calveri sounds a lot like Geoff Tate at times and puts a plethora of emotion into his delivery.

There’s also traces of Pink Floyd here and there along with some good ol’ fashioned AC/DC and Motley Crue chucked into the mix as well. The latter two showing up on “Stripper” and “Juice.” These two songs also feature some cool lyrics that make you want to go out with your mates, have a few pints- and maybe get into some trouble.

The rhythm section would have to be the most interesting thing about the Machine Elves. One minute some simple chords are being strummed, the next pounding drums start off a heavy riff that comes out of nowhere. The track “Something Just Snapped” plays off that feeling.

The only thing odd about the album is the untitled eighth track. It is not listed on the album at all and even is not included in the numbering on the album’s back cover (it goes from seven to nine.)

It just kind of shows up and one is unsure what to think of it. Why it was included on the album is anyone’s guess, but nonetheless it’s creepy yet mildly entertaining. It’s probably going to get stuck in your head and you’ll think differently the next time Mister Softie rolls up on your block.

Short and sweet, The Machine Elves “Fancy Suits and Cigarettes” is a good album with a lot to offer. It provides a quality soundtrack for hanging out and getting into all sorts of mischief; there’s a lot of things you notice more as you listen over and over, and its got all the right hooks. The band has talent and a lot of potential to go past the Brooklyn side streets it was formed on.

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Chris Butera

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