Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kim D Set Teresa Up

We’ll get to the bald guy and Melissa’s stripper days in a moment but first, let’s take a quick glance at what happened on Part 1 of the finale of this season’s Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa and Joe Giudice were teaching their daughters to speak Italian (that was amusing since it was pretty clear that the parents didn’t speak Italian particularly well) and Caroline’s daughter opened her cafe finally (and then Caroline went on and on about how her kids are making it on their own but, let’s face it, we all know where the seed money for their failed ventures is coming from so spare us the sanctimony…).

Oh, and then we found out that Richie is quite possibly the world’s worst husband ever. Kathy is pitching her bakery idea to investors and as she’s explaining how she stepped up once during an event to produce baked goods for a large group and then Richie went and down-played it as if it hadn’t been a big deal. In the off-camera, he says that Kathy tastes like fish. Really, Richie?

Okay, so Richie’s nonsense aside (and also ignoring the extremely awkward playdate while Jacqueline decided to come by Teresa’s house only to sit off and to the side by herself in what’s the epitome of rudeness — if all you’re going to go when you visit someone’s house is make the situation uncomfortable, stay home), let’s move to the point of last night’s episode: Kim D. and her bald friend.

Kim D. and Teresa went to a salon to get ready for Kim D.’s annual gala, and there they encounter Angelo, the salon manager who awkwardly tells Teresa that Melissa, Teresa’s sister-in-law, used to dance tables for him at a club. Props to Teresa for calling out Angelo and pointing out that Melissa is her family and she doesn’t want to bad-mouth her family. Angelo leaves but comes back a while later and Kim D. starts asking him questions about Melissa, even as Teresa is telling Kim to stop. It’s clear that Kim D. knew she was instigating and it’s unfortunate that there are people with such low moral standards that they would stoop to that.

Later, at the party, Angelo shows up at the table with the Housewives and greets Melissa who pretends to not remember how she knows Angelo. Teresa looks like she’s having a panic attack.

The episode more or less ends there, and based on the previews for next week, we all get the vibe that Teresa tells Melissa about Angelo but the housewives turn on Teresa and accuse her of instigating the confrontation. Let’s hope that’s not what actually happens because, this time around, it was very clear that Teresa did the right thing (or else she should get an Academy Award for her performance at the salon when she was both shocked and angry over Angelo).

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