5 Hopes for TNA in 2013

With a new year already underway, Review Fix’s resident wrestling guru shares his hopes for TNA.

5: Don’t rely on older stars anymore: With Sting’s return and the continued influence of Hulk Hogan, TNA still feels like a rehashed WCW. Even guys like Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson need to be used to put over young talent. The only problem is, TNA doesn’t have much. And the guys they do have, Garrett Bischoff, Wes Brisco and others, haven’t proven that they can run with the ball yet. Something needs to change soon. Fans don’t want to see 50-year-old men perform anymore.

4: Make the TV title mean something: Samoa Joe was starting to make this hope a reality, but Devon’s recapturing of the title has made it a prop again. Hogan promised this title would be defended weekly and that hasn’t happened. Simply put, this should be a way of making The Aces and Eights grow in the ring, even if they use weasel heel tactics. Just make them compete. Devon is a competent worker and needs to be at the forefront of this process as well.

3: Put Samoa Joe and AJ Styles back on the map: These guys were supposed to be the future kings of the company in 2006 and not much has changed. Six years later, they are more polished and still capable of being the superstars the company needs. So why hasn’t it happened? Your guess is as good as mine.

2: Give Austin Aries back the title: Nothing against Jeff Hardy, but TNA was a lot cooler when Aries was the champion. Hardy has been champion before and his matches, although always solid, aren’t nearly as exciting as Aries’. Plain and simple, the genesis of “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” is probably the best thing that has happened to the company in years.

1: Make the Aces and Eights even more violent:
Considering how the show blatantly steals ideas from the FX show, “Sons of Anarchy,” it would make even more sense if TNA adopted more of the brutal techniques “The Club” uses on the television show. Be interesting to see what the club would do to a “rat” or how they’d handle someone who cheated them out of a title. In the end, “Sons of Anarchy” is a great show because of the brutality but also the personalities. Right now, they’re a bunch of masked men. Hopefully, that changes this year as well.

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Patrick Hickey Jr.

Editor-in-Chief, Founder at Review Fix
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