Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin #1 Review: Wood Turns out a Classic, From a Classic

Writing a “Star Wars” story without it reading like fan-fiction is hard. Writing one with beloved characters from the original trilogy and making it seem like it is from the original trilogy is even harder.

But Brian Wood has managed to do just that with “Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin.”

Taking place directly after the Battle of Yavin, we see Luke and Leia traveling across the galaxy looking for the most remote area to start a new rebel base. On their way they encounter, in true “Star Wars” fashion, the Empire that tries to slow them down.

Even though there isn’t much in the story department, what there is is a whole lot better than what is available in today’s market. The story actually reads like it is from the original trilogy and was written by Lucas- before he went insane. All the characters act like they should. It’s almost as if this comic was an actual part in the movie.

The art by Carlos D’Anda is also top notch. This is a rare instance where an artist has made the characters look like their “real-life” counterparts. Even the ships look as close to the movies as possible. The only downside is that Chewbacca’s face looks way off. It almost looks like a melted Mr. Potato Head if it had fur.

The only other gripe with this comic is the narration. It’s unnecessary, feels out of place and only slows down the comic. It only tells the reader what the reader already knows or has already figured out by the dialogue. The reader can skip the narration and understand the story with no problem. This way it feels like it’s watching the movies and has a smoother flow.

“Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin” is one of the better Star Wars comics that actually feels like a classic “Star Wars” story. It’s well written, has outstanding art and is an absolute blast for any “Star Wars” fan.

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