WWE RAW Power Rankings: Best in the World vs. The Streak

There was plenty of drama this week on RAW, but little in the way of in-ring action. Regardless, there was a hearty helping of matches on a beefy card. With some momentum now on their side, the members of this week’s WWE RAW Power Rankings will be dangerous with Wrestlemania right around the corner.

With 33 days before the big event, time may be running out for many stars looking to establish themselves in time to get on the card.

5: Ryback: The rough and tumble rookie doesn’t have much chemistry with anyone in the ring. He’s just a wrecking machine that continues to win. Could the United States Title be in his future? At this point, it looks to be an all but certainty. In order to get there though, Ryback may have to go through Mark Henry first. Ryback has consistently been about getting his fill, but with Henry, he may have bitten off more than he can chew. In what can easily be Ryback’s toughest challenge, the youngster may have to step out of his comfort zone to have a solid match, while Henry may have to take things slow with the massive greenhorn in order to put him over.

4: Daniel Bryan and Kane: There seems to be no decent tag teams left in the company, besides team Hell No. After another quick win over The Prime Time Players, Bryan and Kane makes it obvious. They are easily the best tag team the WWE has had in years; no doubt about it. It’s ultimately sad however that the lack of competition may tarnish their overall legacy.

3: Mark Henry: The World’s Strongest Man made quick work of fan favorite Zack Ryder with the World’s Strongest Slam. Dismantling the entire mid-card since his return, Henry looks primed for a big time encounter with Ryback. Given the type of worker Henry is, he’ll have no problem putting Ryback over, but the rookie will sell- if he likes it or not.

2: The New Age Outlaws: Sure, these guys won’t be on the show next week, but they looked good. The fans still love them and ironically they ae still in decent enough shape to put a young team over and to help bolster the tag team division. Much like Triple H and Shawn Michaels had their little DX comeback a few years ago, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn deserve one last hurrah.

1: CM Punk: The Best in the World now has an opportunity to break the Undertaker’s streak after a massive win in a Fatal Four Way on RAW. Playing he heel every step of the way, Punk picked his spot and make the most of a tiny opportunity against three of the best workers in the company. In order for him to beat The Undertaker, a similar effort will be needed.

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