Review Fix Exclusive: Jason Vandenberghe Talks ‘For Honor’ chats with Jason Vandenberghe, creative director of Ubisoft’s “For Honor,” which is set to release on February 14, 2017.” For Honor” takes gamers to a fantasy realm of ancient war and combat with three factions consisting of history’s greatest warriors Viking’s, knights and samurai. With a unique combat system similar to top-selling boxing and MMA games, plus a beautifully designed landscape and background, “For Honor”  looks to capture fans of the genre with its own added flavor and flair.

Vandenberghe is well known for working on projects such as “Call of Duty” and “Guitar Hero” while at Activision, as well as “James Bond: Agent Under Fire,” “James Bond: Night Fire” and “James Bond: Everything or Nothing” while working for EA prior to 2004. In this exclusive interview, Vandenberghe talks about the lengthy 15-year process in getting the game developed, combat system, game production and story premise.

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Review Fix Exclusive: Jason Vandenberghe Talks ‘For Honor’

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