‘Community’ Finds its ‘Home’

commun“Community” continues to climb the comedic cliff with its eighth episode of the season, “Home Economics.”

The once-unconscionably together Jeff (Joel McHale) is apparently homeless and has been living in his Lexus for an undisclosed amount of time due to an inability to maintain payments on his condo – and yet he still searches for Italian faucets on the internet between classes.

After his “home” is towed, he unenthusiastically moves into Abed’s (Danny Pudi) dorm room and gets a dose of the simple life: movies, Lucky Charms and inane, pop culture-driven conversations.

Afraid that the sinking stud will forever lose his cool, Abed convinces Britta (Gillian Jacobs) to use her “lady parts” to lure the former lawyer back into the land of the shallow.

This was an incredibly wise move by the show’s writers, as two consecutive episodes that feature Abed in such a prominent role ultimately make for comedy gold – and seeing Jeff raid an open vending machine after a few days of fiercely avoiding a shower only adds to the whimsy.

Troy (Donald Glover) and Annie’s (Alison Brie) romantic subplot finally seems to be going somewhere, as he begins the episode by asking her for dating advice – for another woman – unleashing the green-eyed monster within the normally-sweet-though-neurotic overachiever.

Although Annie goes to great lengths to prevent the former football star’s tête-à-tête, she predictably lacks the courage to follow through with her own lovelorn confession. This is certainly building toward a nearing resolution and only time will tell if the storyline’s climax will be rewarding.

Meanwhile, Pierce (Chevy Chase), eager to regain the vigor of youth, joins Vaughn’s (Eric Christian Olsten) band, whose lyrical focus is entirely on the debasement of Britta – she happens to be a “B.” Maintaining his comedic roll from last episode, Chase continues to shine and it’s definitely about time.

Vaughn, on the other hand, also reveals a dark side and we learn that the hygienically-anxious hippie can carry a grudge the size of a hemp factory. Britta’s better off.

Ultimately, “Community” is quickly becoming a consistently entertaining show, having gracefully moved on from the periodic rough patches.

Hopefully, the comedic karma continues next week in “Debate 109,” where Jeff struts his argumentative ability next to Annie during the school’s debate championship.

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