Starbucks Pick of the Week: Andrea Bocelli – “Silent Night”

andrea-bocelli-my-christmaAndrea Bocelli’s rich Italian-tenor voice fits beautifully with the intensity of classical music. Since 1994 he has reigned over opera, classical and pop charts. His ability to transcend genres with a voice tailor-made for larger-than-life music is only trumped by the fact that his first occupation was as a lawyer. He lost his sight at the age of 12, but since then he learned several instruments including drums and piano.

That said Bocelli takes on the greatest challenge of his career – holiday music. There’s only so much you can do with “Silent Night.” Some singers try the over-the-top method that doesn’t always work while others sing it so subtly that it puts the listener to sleep. Here Boccelli smartly sings it in Italian giving this standard new life with this interpretation. It is when he switches to the English version where things fall flat. It’s completely unnecessary. Anyone who knows about Christmas knows the lyrics and for Boccelli to switch into English takes the specialness away from this version. Throwing children at the end of it doesn’t help either.

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