Nintendo News: Wind-Up Mario Toys Temporarily Overrun Nintendo’s Distribution Facility

NORTH BEND, Wash.– With the busy holiday season approaching, Nintendo of America was looking to find new ways to improve speed and efficiency at its always-busy distribution facility in North Bend, Wash. In the past, the company has tried a number of solutions, including having Donkey Kong™ roll packages down a set of girders into waiting trucks or expediting deliveries through warp pipes.

This year one of the suggested innovations included the use of wind-up Mini Mario toys. These tireless mechanical toys are featured in Mario vs. Donkey Kong™: Mini-Land Mayhem!, a new game launching for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems on Nov. 14.

Initially the use of the helpful Mini Marios seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, they were not guided appropriately and soon marched non-stop throughout the entire building, climbing girders, riding conveyor belts and causing a bit of mayhem. They overran Nintendo’s facility for a short time, but operations have since been returned to normal.

The incident was caught on camera and shared with the area’s local television news station, DK-TV, who was the first to cover the news. Reporter Ken Darling covers the story in this video:

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