Snakebyte™ Premium Remote XL+ Controller For Wii® Available Now Exclusively Through Sunflex USA

The First Controller with Built-In MotionPlus Functionality

Glendale, CA – Sunflex USA LLC, the exclusive distributor of the video gaming brand snakebyte™ and FINAL FANTASY® XIV controller, is now shipping the snakebyte™ Premium Remote XL+ Controller for Wii®. With integrated MotionPlus functionality, the Remote XL+ is the first and currently the only third-party all-in-one solution for Wii® players who demand optimum performance from a controller; no add-on or additional purchase required!

“We are thrilled to be the first American company to introduce a controller for the Wii® that includes MotionPlus functionality, a feature key to a more realistic gaming experience,” said Howard Borenstein, President of Sunflex USA LLC. “The Remote XL+ is designed for consumers who would prefer to have a single unit rather than be forced to attach an accessory with MotionPlus functionality to their Wii® Remote.”

The snakebyte™ Premium Remote XL+ Controller for Wii® can be easily used in place of the standard Wii® controller because it will automatically activate the MotionPlus functionality while playing games which do, or do not, support MotionPlus. The Remote XL+ features strong vibration effects for more life-like gaming, an integrated speaker for realistic positional audio effects and built-in memory to save settings and avatars. Additionally, players can use up to 4 units simultaneously for maximum multi-player fun.

The Remote XL+ comes complete with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries that can be charged via USB directly in the remote with the included USB cable. A secured battery compartment door protects the plastic from breaking, solving a problem gamers have reported with similar products. For added convenience, the remote has an external SYNC button, allowing players to synchronize the remote without opening the battery compartment.

The snakebyte™ Premium Remote XL+ Controller for Wii® is available now in both black and white for $34.99 at It’s important to note that this product retails for $5 less than the first-party model that is reported to hit the market later this year.

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