Review Fix 2011 Tribeca Film Festival Coverage: ‘Year Zero’ Review

Excellent animation? Check.

Voice-acting that brings the story to life? Check.

Zombies? Double check.

What else could you want from a short film?

Surreal, savage and uniquely serene, “Year Zero” is perhaps the most compelling short film at the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

Comic book geeks will love the animation and sense of style, reminiscent of a Frank Miller graphic novel. Horror buffs will enjoy its rugged persona and attention to every bloody kill. If you don’t like zombies or blood, don’t worry; you’ll enjoy the precise character-driven drama that unfolds in just 24 minutes.

Yes, 24 minutes. Hard to believe a film with so much occurring, including a clear beginning, middle and an end, all in less than a half-hour. A testament to director Richard Cunningham III’s ability, this film does not have a dull moment. It’s tightly edited and every scene is there for a reason. Because of this, you get a fast-paced, blood-filled ruckus that pulls no punches.

The voice acting of Patrick Rigby is also anything but stiff. Gritty and determined, his character has a mission- to get out of New York City alive. With hordes of zombies around him however, he has to kill everything in his path, including a bit of himself, to escape. Can he?

You’ll have to watch it for yourself to find out.

All in all, Cunningham’s film this exactly what a short film at Tribeca should be: polished, intense and most of all, enjoyable.

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