Hell’s Kitchen Commentary: Episode Nine: Who Wants a Butler?

Love is in the air and egos are high in this episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

As usual, Elise and Carrie are at each other’s throats. Ramsey gave Elise one compliment about her great performance at dinner service and she’s rubbing it in. Carrie says Elsie is like “a broken ass record.”

The day’s challenge is to make a romantic dessert. Will is the first to admit he hates desserts. Everyone else has the same view. It’s understandable: desserts are the toughest thing to make.

The guest judges are chef/owner of Red Medicine, Jordan Kahn and chef/owner of Fonuts, Waylynn Lucas. They will be judging the desserts on a scale of 1-3 stars. But first, the red team must choose which dessert to drop since it is five on four. They choose Elise’s desert, despite her insistence it should go up.

It doesn’t go so well. The worst was Tommy’s undercooked sticky bun drizzled with chocolate. Jennifer wins it for the red team with a perfect six points, making the final score 14-13 red.

Ramsey wants to try Elise’s dessert. Well, she tops Tommy’s dish for worst dish. Not only was it way too big (“dessert for ten”? according to Ramsey), but she put way too much vinegar in it. That should bring her ego down a few notches.

The red team’s prize for winning is a trip to Las Vegas where they’ll stay in a villa in Caesar’s Palace, with private butler service.  Now that’s a grand prize. There is one more surprise: a visit by Holly Madison where she gives them autographed copies of her book, tickets to her show and three day passes for them and guest to Las Vegas. Talk about a Vegas dream vacation.

Meanwhile, the blue team set up Hell’s Kitchen for its first ever date night. Paul and will decide to make of the most of the punishment by taking a rose and doing a tango. Let the boys have their fun.

At dinner service dating couples, married couples and blind dates are abound. Meanwhile, there is no love between Carrie and Elise in the kitchen as Elise refuses to communicate with Carrie. That’s only the beginning of the red team’s problems.

Ramsey finds a hair in the mushrooms Jamie prepared. Carrie burns one piece of bass and is thrown out. You read that right: Carrie is thrown out for burning bass, while Jamie just got yelled at for having a hair in her dish. Her temper tantrum is justified in this case. Elise doesn’t fare well either as she adds lobster to what is supposed to be vegetarian cappellini. She gets thrown out.

The blue team has problems of their own as Tommy not only seasons scallops three minutes ahead of time but also starts cooking a bass before the appetizers are complete. Ramsey gives him five minutes to breathe and recuperate. He spends his time in the dining room, flirting with girls, despite the fact he already has one. This energizes him by making him remember his girl and he’s back strong as ever. Now we know what drives Tommy to do well: women. Paul under-cooks a chicken and is also thrown out.

Despite these setbacks, both teams complete dinner service and somebody gets engaged in the dining room. Ramsey is not in a romantic mood after service. “If that’s the best you can all do, I want a divorce from each and every one of you,” Ramsey told the chefs before announcing the blue team as the winners.

Elise and Carrie are nominated at elimination. Ramsey, however, decides to eliminate Jamie instead. One plus during elimination is Ramsey telling Elise that she has an ego problem. It’s about time Ramsey spoke up about that.

Well, the drama of Carrie and Elise continues. The preview for next episode makes it look like this feud is going to get worse. It seems Ramsey is keeping these two in just so there can be some drama on the show. If it’s good for ratings why not, right?

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