Hell’s Kitchen Coverage- Episode Eight: Follow the ‘Leader’

Comfort food, pains in the neck and Wolfang Puck make appearances on this episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

Gordon Ramsey wants a leader and asks both teams to nominate one. The blue unanimously chooses Will, while the red argue for a bit about who should be leader. Carrie nominates herself, but Elsie thinks otherwise. She thinks Carrie would make a bad leader because she doesn’t have “basic food knowledge.” In the end, they choose Jennifer.

Ramsey then also asks them who’s the weakest chef. Tommy and Carrie are chosen as the weakest. The challenge was that both Tommy and Carrie must prove that they are good leaders by assigning each member a dish to cook. The dishes are “American Comfort Food.” These comfort foods are hamburgers, pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, Cobb salad and chicken soup.

Carrie has no problem choosing who cooks what, but Tommy can’t decide and is all over the place. Elsie thinks she should’ve done the pizza instead of the spaghetti and meatballs.

The guest judge is renowned Wolfgang Puck. The looks on the chefs is a classic example of star-struck awe.

The score is two/one red when the last dish, pizza is up. Jonathan refuses to bring up the pizza because he feels it’s not good enough even though Tommy insists it’s good. Carrie’s pizza is undercooked, which should have given the blue team an edge. Instead, the pizza had a large pool of liquid in the middle and it disgusted both Puck and Ramsey to no end. No point for either side. Despite that setback the red team gets their first victory.

Jonathan blames Tommy for the bad pizza because Tommy kept insisting on what went on it. It had honey on it. Puck even said that they put things on it that shouldn’t go on pizza.

While the red team gets to go to the dress up nice (according to Paul, Elise looks like Lady Gaga with that feather in her hair) and go to the Laugh Factory comedy club. The blue team’s punishment is to prep both kitchens and clean the kitchen and dorms. Tommy gets a toothbrush to use as a brush to clean the toilets as punishment. He deserved it. He can’t communicate.

Jonathan doesn’t help out at all because he complained about a crick in his neck. It’s obvious that this has a major affect on him at dinner service. He can’t even get an appetizer out. Natalie also suffers alongside him on apps. They do bounce back after Ramsey gives Jonathan a nice little talk. Meanwhile the red team works in perfect with each other.

It’s also a bad night to mess because the US Coast Guard was in the dining room. It always looks bad when you have a VIP in the dining room and you can’t get anything right.

The blue team’s bad service continues with Tommy’s inability to communicate. It’s amazing he’s still in the competition despite his flaw. He also doesn’t manage the meat station very well when he brings up three steaks: one hot, one lukewarm, one cold.

The red team wins this service. Jonathan and Natalie are nominated for elimination with Jonathan getting eliminated.

Overall this was a decent episode with very little drama coming from Elsie and Carrie. It’s still there, but it wasn’t as bad as previous episodes. The feud between Tommy and Jonathan is over with Jonathan’s elimination. It looks like Tommy and Natalie are the only bad chefs left on the blue, while Elsie and her attitude is still there. All the drama is now coming from Elise and Carrie which should escalate now because Ramsey told her that she was the best chef that night.

The next few episodes should be fun.

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