Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: The Little ‘Bitch’ That Couldn’t

Here it is at last: The season finale. Who got burned and who is reigning in Hell’s Kitchen?

The final four get the best gift Ramsey has ever them yet: A chance to see their families. This is one of the only touching moments on this show. It needs to be said that Tommy’s girlfriend is hot.

After that touching moment, the chefs take on one of Hell’s Kitchen’s toughest challenges: “taste it, now make it.” They need to taste a dish that Ramsey made and whoever comes closest to recreating it wins. Tommy is the only one who used Serrano ham instead of prosciutto, which causes him to lose first. It all comes down to who used the correct fish and Paul nailed it with cod.

His prize: an LA Dodgers game with his brother. Paul looks like he is about to die of happiness when he meets Dodgers great Tommy Lasorda and former NY Yankees great Don Mattingly. Ramsey looks great in Dodgers blue and he shows he has a great arm when he throws in the first pitch.

Meanwhile, the other chefs must move all the furniture and they find old food under the beds in the girl’s dorm. You’d think that girls would be cleaner than guys, but apparently it’s backwards in Hell’s Kitchen.

At dinner service, Ramsey had each chef take turns up at the pass. He also tells the sous chefs to make mistakes to test if the chefs will catch them. Paul is up first at the pass and he did not catch that there was shrimp in the cappelini instead of lobster. At this point, Tommy reverts back to his usual quiet ways. He should’ve learned that he needs to be vocal in the kitchen by now.

He does get his chance at the pass and, yeah, he has no idea what he’s doing. It’s a miracle that he’s in the final four.

Elise does surprisingly well. The only mistake she made was during Ramsey’s test where did not spot the cauliflower puree.

When Elise is back to cooking and Will is up, she put a piece of raw pasta in spinach. This caused Will to confront Elise thinking she is trying to sabotage him. This causes everyone to stop talking to him. Will should not have had that blow up with Elise or else he would’ve had a better service.

Now it’s time to reveal the final two. First Ramsey needed to announce who would be fourth. It comes as no surprise that Tommy is fourth. Now, at this moment millions of Hell’s Kitchen viewers held their and saying in unison “please, don’t let Elise be in the top two.” Jubilation abounds as Paul and Will are named the final two and Ramsey’s reputation remains intact.

After that, these two spent the rest of the night figuring out their menus. This continues into the morning where they had to actually make their menus. Ramsey decides to give them a break and takes them out to lunch. Their families were waiting for them inside limos.

At the restaurant, Ramsey tells them that this restaurant only opened four weeks ago and has a great menu. He takes them to the kitchen and…it’s not a restaurant. It’s the theater where the show started, this time with plenty of screaming fans. Ramsey even tells them that they are now stars.

To show their stardom they had to cook five dishes that may appear on BLT Steak: A fish appetizer, a fish entrée, a salad, a bone in steak and a beef fillet. So, who did the judging? Chefs from different BLT steak locations including the owner, Keith Traybull. Will wins the challenge 3-2 but we all know that just because a chef won a challenge doesn’t mean they won Hell’s Kitchen. There are plenty of contestants who lost the final challenge and won.

Back at Hell’s there was giant present waiting for Will and Paul. Inside was the chefs who got eliminated and Tommy’s ass (he moons Paul and Will). This meant the return of Elise.

Paul and Will had to choose who will be on their team and this was the result: Will had Tommy, Natalie, Jennifer and Krupa. Paul had Elise, Elizabeth, Jonathan and Carrie.

How does dinner service go with these groupings? There were some bumps along the way like Krupa being kicked off of fish and Jonathan being kicked off of meat because both can’t cook these foods properly. Paul’s saving grace was Elise of all people and he actually got Elise and Carrie to work together. Ramsey couldn’t do it but Paul could. Hell must’ve frozen over.

After that it was time for Ramsey to make his decision. After two hours Ramsey called Paul and Will to the usual doors we all know from previous seasons. Whoever’s door opens is the winner. This year Paul’s door opened and he now reigns in Hell’s Kitchen.

What a season. Elise being a bitch was the highlight. Good thing she didn’t win and Paul did. He deserved it more than she did, especially seeing as how he promised his deceased mom he’d win.

Oh, and Ramsey’s last piece of advice for Elise: “…stop being a bitch.”

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