Our Ten Best: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episodes

Currently midway through its seventh season, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has continued to humor longtime fans and newcomers throughout its epic run. Here is a rundown of the best episodes we’ve seen so far:

10. The Gang Gets Racist

Self-explanatory. In the pilot episode of the show, the gang uses an innocent black man to get ahead in their individual goals. He helps bring in the customers at Paddy’s pub, for better or worse.

9. The Nightman Cometh

This shows off the cast’s acting talents at their finest, putting on a musical for no apparent reason – so it seems. The sets are magical, the singing is top-notch and it is a perfect way to end the 4th season with a surprise from Charlie.

8. Frank’s Pretty Woman

The gang goes all out in the Season 7 premiere, quite possibly their best premiere in the show’s history. A crack addicted hooker plays Frank’s love interest. Her clients includesTiger Woods and Don Cheadle, who actually is the Afro-American that pretended to be Donovan McNabb in The Gang Gets Invincible. The episode ends in appropriate hooker fashion, the gang gets their crack smoke back on and to top it off, Mac gained roughly 50-60 pounds for the laughs, all of which are there.

7. Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person

This is the episode that spawned the “Dayman” anthem, as well as brought you Charlie huffing paint. Dennis comes full blossom in his love of glam rock. Sweet Dee dating someone nearly retarded as well, there is nothing not to like except the fact that it has to be watched again, find time.

6. Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack

A Sunny spoofing best, taking influence from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest in Frank’s mental institution story arch, and The Secret of My Success in Mac and Charlie’s as they accept employment as a team for minimum wage split between them, albeit getting health insurance. Also starring the absent Pepe Silvia and PI Barney, you can’t go wrong with this one right from its start, Frank taking a monster bong rip to kick it off.

5. The D.E.N.N.I.S. System

Dennis Reynolds as he’s always been. Cruel, selfish and a next level sociopath. The gang learns how he wins over the trust of the girls on his sexual conquests with much success on his part, but not theirs, and that is why it is called the D.E.N.N.I.S. system.

4. The Gang Gets Invincible

This list wouldn’t be complete without the episode in which we first meet Green Man, an icon in general, let alone amongst the show’s fanbase. Tryouts for the Eagles are in session as they took one from Marky Mark’s football movie, except in this there is a Donovan McNabb imposter, beer being spiked with acid leading to Frank’s horrifying Woodstock flashback, the McPoyles’ whole brigade tailgating with the gang and complete with a good dose of sexism.

3. Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom

Using sex to their advantages, the gang gets involved in more than they can do, pun really not intended, when revenge and blackmail is brought to the test of their character’s as well as the ill-fated Waitress’ who is repeatedly sucked into the gang’s daily on-goings due to her infatuation with the indifferent Dennis.

2. Hundred Dollar Baby

If the show left anything out in its run, it all piled up in this episode, with references to Million Dollar Baby and Rocky. It’s full of trash-talking, underground bare knuckle gambling, irresponsible drug use as well as losses and victories. But it is certain they all lose in this one as the episode has a maniacal climax.

1. Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare

The one that nearly every Sunny fan would call the most classic Sunny episode. It becomes apparent how selfish and depraved each member of the gang is. Featuring Biz Markie, crack abuse, 2 for $200, unpaid hookers, milking the unemployment and welfare systems, slave labor and everything else that makes this episode a classic for any fan or non-fan.

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