​Review Fix Exclusive: Scott Lost Talks New Comic Book, PWG, And More 

Long before he was facing The Great Muta in the biggest match of his professional wresting career, PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerilla) co-founder Scott Lost was putting his creativity into drawing comic books.

Now, five years after he retired from the squared circle, the California native Lost has found the opportunity to parlay his talent into a growing series of comics.

Having launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 5th issue of the comic book he’s drawn for years, “The 2nd Shift,” Lost is thrilled to mix his two passions into one creative outlet.

“Honestly, I think those types of things go hand in hand,” said Lost in discussing his love for pro wrestling and comic books. “Pro wrestling and comics is more or less the same, it’s people doing heroic things, like being super strong or being warriors.”

In “The 2nd Shift,” Lost takes bits and pieces of his own personality, but accentuate’s them through the main characters. Eddie Bautista (“Switch”) takes on Lost’s love for pro wrestling, Anne Sheppard (“Focus”) shows Lost’s intelligent side while Eddie’s sister Sarah Bautista (“Spree”) and John Hopper (“Lightshower”) show Lost’s ability to be a leader and hustle towards success, respectively.

Additionally, Lost takes his experiences into the characters of “The 2nd Shift.” Comic book readers, pro wrestling fans, and even residents of the San Diego area will get a kick out of how characters relate to everything from pro wrestling, Mexican food, and car chases.

“For me, I put everything that I loved in my childhood into the comic books, there’s little hints of everything in there,” said Lost.

Lost also talks about forming PWG as part of the ‘PWG Six,” his current take on pro wrestling, a potential return and so much more.

You can donate to Lost’s Kickstarter until September 29, Here.

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Review Fix Exclusive: Scott Lost Talks New Comic Book, PWG, And More 

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