David Galman – Last Surviving Sun Review: A Freewheeling Ride Full of Heart

Folk is a genre that speaks from the heart. It is ingrained in American culture and has proven itself to be the voice of someone’s soul. David Galman achieves this in Last Surviving Sun, his latest album. It is an eclectic collection of personal tracks that lead you on a journey full of ups and downs. After just a few tracks it may be hard for you to break away from his tale.

“Far Away” is a stand-out track and makes for a great intro to the album. The instrumental work is simply heavenly. The pull of each string swings alongside the light percussions while the drums provide a sense of authority to the entire track. The soft vocals of David Gelman seem to resonate off of this performance, making the track feel like a living thing. By the time the track is closing, you will be well acquainted with all of the facets that make the song great. Whether it be the authority of the drums, the shake of the maracas, or the precise pulls or cues that each string instrument offers, the impression the track leaves will stick with you.

Another fantastic track is “The Roads We Didn’t Take.” The track is a very dreamy one, with guitar and bass seeming like they dance with one another amongst the soft and soulful voice of David Gelman. The track is one of lessons learned and decisions made in light of our own. Lines such as “there is always the right thing, in any place and time, only one path to take. Did I take mine?” nail this message home in this lyrically focused track. 

The track ” In the Sun” is also impressive. The latin Salsa style of the percussion does well to aid the hip-swaying aesthetic of the track. The track may seem a bit somber, but the bright lyrical tones and dance-worthy beat subvert this and gives the track a fantastic personality. This is echoed in the lyrics themselves for it is with confidence that Gelman proclaims “I’m gonna find my way, in the sun” right after declaring his loneliness. It is a track with a unique feel that deserves a listen to understand the experience.

David Gelman has achieved a deep and eclectic sound in Last Surviving Son. It is a deeply personal album, full of ups and downs dictated by the unique way that Gelman can bend the music to create a mood. The robust offerings don’t stop until the album does, the best of which are injected with the signature charm of David Gelman. Each track deserves a listen, if not for the masterful instrumentals then the heartfelt and personal vocal performances. Some will leave you wanting to dance, others simply leave a smile on your face. Don’t skip out on this one, it’s great.

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