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Ryan’s Big Day

October 25, 2010 Craig Rogers 0

Ryan is about to turn the big 30 and begins searching for male models-bartenders for his birthday party. Instead of gifts, Ryan wants his guests […]

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The New A-List

October 20, 2010 Craig Rogers 0

The Logo Network has established a new image of what is commonly known as “domestic housewives” and “the gold standard” with their latest series, “The […]

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Daddy Powers?

October 16, 2010 Patrick Hickey Jr. 0

After playing around with Vida [played by Ana de la Reguera] through the first two episodes, Kenny [Danny McBride], for some crazy reason, is ready […]

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Fish in a What?

October 16, 2010 Nick Valente 0

The grieving process can be a difficult thing to go though. There is all that pain eating you up inside while you cry and think […]