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Answers Coming

December 11, 2009 Nick Valente 0

With the season coming to its climax, episode 11, entitled “Hello, Dexter Morgan” answers many questions but teasingly avoids others, saving them for the season […]

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A Star Fallen

December 11, 2009 Patrick Hickey Jr. 0

For a while in the ’80s, WCW/NWA’s Starrcade was the company’s answer to the then-WWF’s “Wrestlemania.” A creation of the legendary Dusty Rhodes, the event […]

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A Giant Parasite?

December 10, 2009 Evan Scarola 0

Parasites are nasty little things that attach themselves to a larger being and leach off their newfound host to benefit themselves. The only thing worse […]

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A Hungry Man’s Home

December 7, 2009 Nick Valente 0

Thanksgiving is a holiday where family gets together, celebrating a wonderful turkey feast, with tons of food and happiness. However, in the Mitchell house, things […]

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The School of Irony

December 5, 2009 Olga Privman 0

Episode Commentary: The Politics of Human Sexuality It’s been a while since an episode did not focus primarily on Jeff (Joel McHale). This week, Annie […]