High A Volta-ge

Watching “A Volta” for the sixth time just isn’t enough. It’s an extremely short film, which almost feels like the music video of the lego-lution. The claymation carnage and hardcore robot porn featured here give the creation some cojones; subtitled from Spanish to English with some of the filthiest language the dictionary has to offer helps as well.

However, in spite of this, it’s hard to put a finger on what “A Volta” actually is. It’s not a movie, could never be a series, it’s not long enough to be a show and it was set to a high intensity track for sociopath stimuli. For lack of something better, it’s the four-minute animated “Scarface.”

Music by “N.A.S.A.” was on point and kept up pace with the constant action. Nonetheless, the camera was a bit shaky, forcing a pause and rewind to follow exactly what’s happening. Make no mistakes though, you’ll force yourself to rewind, pause and watch it again. Either, Logan and Squeak E. Clean Productions are geniuses and did it on purpose, or they stumbled onto a way to keep a person busy for an hour watching the same short film 15 times.

Based on artwork by The Date Farmers, it has no lack of abstract ideas. The action is hard to follow, but each scene is gruesome enough to live up to its rating of NC-17.

The artistry of both N.A.S.A. and The Date Farmers lays good ground toward a possible new movement of music videos. It’s not a watered-down repeat or a beaten down theme, because if “A Volta” would never be able to hit MTV, it would be on pay per view and worth every penny.

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