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Worth The Journey

July 31, 2010 Michael Cruz 0

The top floors of Manhattan buildings house some of the richest people in New York. They showcase skyrise views and lofts that represent priceless luxury. […]

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Too Many Vampires

July 26, 2010 Michael Cruz 0

Vampires Everywhere, this Los Angeles-based band of misfits is running with the whole vampire craze, using that gimmick in an effort to exploit the undead […]

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Not So Awesome

March 8, 2010 Michael Cruz 0

Honda’s short film, “Life with Robots,” which appeared at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, puts the reality of robotics into perspective. They make it quite […]

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High A Volta-ge

February 22, 2010 Michael Cruz 0

Watching “A Volta” for the sixth time just isn’t enough. It’s an extremely short film, which almost feels like the music video of the lego-lution. […]