Two Cities One World: The Whole World Disappears Review: Stellar

It is difficult to communicate with someone that does not share the same language as you do. However, the married couple of Jared Cattoor of St. Louis, Missouri, and Anna Yanova-Cattoor of Sofia, Bulgaria were able to overcome this barrier through their love of music and were able to express their love to the world in their newest album, Let the Whole World Disappear.

Let the Whole World Disappear is an album that could be the soundtrack of the indie film. It is experimental and genre-busting, infusing the genre of pop and mixture of funk, soul, jazz, blues, dream pop, and at times of rock and Latin music. The twelve tracks of the album never seem to be out of place on this album.

Each one of them is something new, exotic, joyful, and contrast well from one another.

I See The Sun, the first song of the album is the earworm. It will go straight through your ears and latch to your brain, where it will play on an endless loop, and you will be snapping your fingers, and humming the song throughout the day.

It starts with an acoustic guitar with some strong Latino vibes, giving you the idea that it will be a nothing more that a soft and slow composition. As the song progressive, it turns into a full on pop song with a cheery voice, followed by a fast, upbeat and fun melody along with multiple instruments of the bass, guitar, cello, drums and percussion.

The second track, Следа (Footprint), as well И Как Така? [English: How come?] can serve as a bilingual bonus, as it is sung by Anna Yanova-Cattoor’s native Bulgarian tongue, but even English speaker can still appreciate the musical aspect of it, as

Следа (Footprint) could be played in an underground jazz club, as the trumpet plays on, and it hypotonic rhythm force you to dance, and И Как Така? can serve as a slow dance number for couples.

There are many songs that tend to stick out in Let the Whole World Disappear, Love Blues comes with an electrifying guitar solo, Disappear is a mixture of blues and pop, something similar as to what Lana Del Rey would sing, it soft, slow, and it is pouring with a noir aesthetics as the trumpet play in the background and set off a relaxing tune, while Suga Daddy is an upbeat love song from Anna to Jared. The final track, In My Dream, is a somber, slow soft, quiet, and as the title state almost dreamlike, as Anna Yanova-Cattoor sing this song in lullaby state, pushing the listener into a slumber, after 11 tracks of excitement and movement.

Let the Whole World Disappear may not be a concept album, but the musical composition of Jared Cattoor and Anna Yanova-Cattoor of this album is in indeed of joy and love. One song could express the love and happiness you have for your loved one, and another song could have you go on a stroll in the park on a bright sunny day with white puffy clouds across the blue sky. It’s experimental composure, mixed with various musical genres, which always leave an impact moment, will always leave a satisfied mood with the listener.

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