Bargain Bin Gaming-Episode Three: Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

51f6y8k3n1l_ss500_Dawn of Sorrow currently clocks in at $17.99 at Gamestop and can be found as cheap as $19.95 on Amazon.

For nearly 20 years, the Castlevania series, regardless of the system it’s appeared on, has always been a symbol of gaming excellence.

Fortunately, for Nintendo DS owners, “Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow,” continues the series’ quest in greatness. In fact, many might make the case that “Dawn of Sorrow” may be the best Castlevania game since “Symphony of the Night” reestablished the series on the Playstation over 10 years ago.

Taking place after the last game on the Gameboy Advance, “Aria of Sorrow,” gamers will see that the journey of Soma Cruz has just begun. After finally learning to tame his demonic power in the previous game, Cruz must now put his power to use in deterring a demonic cult from reviving the dark lord once again, using any means possible.

Those that are familiar with the series will find that Dawn of Sorrow looks and plays remarkably familiar to “Symphony of the Night.” It’s amazing how Konami managed to create this game on a system not known for great graphical capabilities and still turn out a solid looking game.

On the gameplay front, like most games in the “Castlevania” series, “Dawn of Sorrow” controls remarkably. Veteran and newbie gamers will find controlling Soma’s actions a synch after only a few short minutes of gameplay.

What is also interesting is how Konami decided to implement the DS’s touch screen in “Dawn of Sorrow.” Using the touch screen to draw a magic gate around the game’s bosses to defeat them truly ties the best aspects of the game into the ability of the system, making for not only a great game, but a game that couldn’t be done on any other system.

Making “Dawn of Sorrow” an even more enjoyable title is its length and the appearances of several memorable characters in other gameplay modes. Taking anywhere from 10-15 hours to beat depending on your gaming ability, “Dawn of Sorrow” is one of the most challenging games on the DS.

Also considering that beating the game opens up “Julius Mode,” in which gamers get to play through the entire game with the last member of the Belmont clan and a few other surprises, “Dawn of Sorrow” is a game that most will work very hard to finish.

On the whole, “Dawn of Sorrow” is a must own game on the Nintendo DS for any hardcore Castlevania fan or any challenge hungry gamer that has never played through any of the previous games before.

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