‘Brainrush’ Gives You Exactly That

brainrush_32Over the past 10 years, aside from Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, there hasn’t been a plethora of quality game shows on television, primarily due to the rise in reality show programming and a lack of innovation.

The last place in the world most would expect an entertaining new game show to come from is Cartoon Network, but with “Brainrush,” anyone looking for a different and enjoyable television experience will be pleasantly surprised.

Don’t let it’s carefree and youth-geared theme fool you, the show is simply too much fun to avoid.

The premise of the show, while lacking a tremendous amount of brevity, is interesting enough to hook audiences of all ages. Answering questions about pop culture seems simple enough, but try answering them while on a roller coaster in a rapid-fire succession.

Doesn’t sound that easy anymore, eh?

The simplicity of the questions asked during the show isn’t a hindrance either. Instead it’s a huge boost. Asking everything from what show fictional swinger Glenn Quagmire is on to who’s taller, Lebron James or Kobe Bryant, the viewer at home instantly get involved and feel like they too are a part of the show.

The fact that it’s kids on the show answering the questions, rather than adults, also make “Brainrush” worthwhile, as some of the answers to the questions are just as bizarre as they are hilarious. That has a lot to do with the fact that the roller coasters these kids ride are no joke either. Throughout the course of the show, one lucky contestant rides three roller coasters, all with their own unique attributes, including loops and high-G turns for a chance to win up to $5,000. Seeing them answer questions, along with watching their facial expressions during the rough parts of the coaster alone make the show one of a kind and provide a myriad of giggles.

The small segments between rides in the show also spices things up a bit. In one episode, one contestant was offered 100 bucks to eat a cheeseburger before getting on a ride. Forced to make a decision, the contestant chomped down the burger, all the while being heckled to speed up by the show’s host Lamorne Morris. Because of this, watching the kid ride the roller coaster afterwards is a wild ride within itself.

Interesting TV? Damn skippy.

This kind of ingenuity, combined with a quirky and fast-paced atmosphere make “Brain Rush” one of the best new shows on the network and one that deserves a watch regardless of how old you are.

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