Gamer Chicks- Episode Three: Comix Zone

Comix_Zone_CoverartThe notion of moving, lively speech bubbles and maneuverable panels has been the secret dream of every comic-book nerd since the inception of the graphic tale.

Bet you never knew that that’s what shy little Billy was really thinking about in homeroom with his spectacle-laden eyes in a dreamy glaze and his notebook, a charcoal-covered mess of Cyclops, Deadpool and Emma Frost.

Finally, “Comix Zone” was released for the Sega Genesis in 1995 and was sadly first played by me only a few weeks ago. روليت اون لاين للايفون

Multimedia-wise, I was a woefully deprived child, which could very well have contributed to my impression of this still-unique and thoroughly enjoyable game.

You play Sketch Turner, a freelance rock musician-cum-comic book artist. This obvious product of ’90s valley culture, sporting his hip ponytail and minuscule sunglasses, is thereafter sucked into his own creation and becomes the hero of the story, while the villain, Mortus, escapes into the real world.

Whoa, dude.

While Mortus manipulates the game as it unfolds, Sketch must save the day, battling enemies of his own creation and Mortus’ illustration.

Under the guidance of Alissa Cyan, the general of the comic-book story line’s rebellion and with the assistance of his pet rat, Roadkill, Turner must pass through three stages and one final boss battle: “Night of the Mutants,” “Welcome to the Temple” and “Curse of the Dead Ships,” respectively.

Although the game is admittedly short, its difficulty still renders the gamer stationary in front of his TV for the requisite few hours, at the very least.

Although only “jump,” “pick up” and “attack” are attributed attacks on the button pad, Sketch has a few tricks up his sleeve yet.

With various combos readily available for discovery and a wealth of findable arsenal, Turner may just have a chance to survive yet. قمار على النت Be wary, though: The game has two possible outcomes depending on the player’s performance in the final battle.

Aside from the decidedly difficult though undeniably charming gameplay, this beat ‘em up also boasts a stunning soundtrack, featuring the work of such big names as Danzig and Jesus and Mary Chain, all of which can be heard in the jukebox option.

Speaking of jukebox: For you cheaters out there who find “Comix Zone” just too rough for your controller-deprived, callus-free fingers, plenty of cheat codes are available to be used here.

Overall, the game is a remarkably fun ride – both for the blushing novice gamer and the seasoned geek.
After investing many hours and finally getting the rarer ending, I sat back – a goofy grin plastered on my exhausted face and put on some a-ha. العاب مجانية عبر الانترنت

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