Silver Spurs’ Service Leaves Something to be Desired

184lDespite featuring a hefty lineup of tasty traditional American cuisine, The Silver Spurs restaurant, located at 771 Broadway in New York City, lacks the poise and polish of a great eatery due to its lackluster service, tarnishing an otherwise solid dining experience.

Tasty burgers, soups, sandwiches and excellent appetizers, such as buffalo wings [of the boned and boneless variety], chicken fingers, Tex-mex chili and mozzarella sticks among many others, flood the menu. The burgers especially are a delectable option that possess a flavor, along with a size that make them a step above many of the other diners/eateries in the area.

Other favorites like the Cock Robin, a grilled chicken sandwich with Monterey jack cheese and bacon and the Ragin’ Cajun, a roast beef sandwich with cheddar cheese, are also scrumptious and alongside an even better dessert menu, it’s easy to see that the Silver Spurs has an excellent menu full of intriguing choices.

Nevertheless, in spite of the taste of the food, the service is sub-par at best. Upon several trips to the restaurant, each waitress was void of the composure and patience to manage a large table. Even with smaller parties of three or four, the staff at the Silver Spurs lacked an ability to refill drinks at a reasonable pace. When spending 25-30 dollars for a full dinner, including appetizer and dessert, one expects to have their water or other beverage refilled a few times, but at every visit made to Silver Spurs, members of the party were lucky if they had their drink refilled once.

Ever try chowing down a big burger with only one glass of cherry coke to wash it down?

Not fun.

Not fair.

The service is so bad that chances are you’ll have problems lassoing a busboy for a glass of water as well.

Sure, the wait staff might be easy on the eyes, but the stress they evoke during the experience won’t provide you with the necessary service required to enjoy your meal.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the décor of the place not only fails to adhere to the name of the establishment, it’s another reason to stay away. Featuring cold and uncomfortable industrial-type lighting fixtures and seating, there is no connection to the comfort and candor of a Western-themed eatery, creating a dilapidated and disorganized looking restaurant that doesn’t do the food it serves justice.

Because of the aesthetics, one would half expect C-3PO to come and serve them.

All this considered, in spite of the excellent-tasting food, the experience at the Silver Spurs restaurant is a bewildering one that will ultimately force you to mozy on in to the nearest saloon for a a different type of drink all together.

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