A Shot Worth Taking

CousinsNew York is often referred to as one of, if not the greatest city in the world. It gets 44 million foreign and American tourists each year. However, sometimes its residents need to get out and take a trip outside of the city for some crazy fun to forget the chaos that is the City that never sleeps.

If you want to get a little crazy and blow of some of that hard week steam, you should try your hand at a little extreme paintball. For less than a night out in Manhattan on any given weekend, you can get hours of down and dirty fun at Cousin’s Paintball in Coram, Long Island.

It will cost about 50 dollars a person for individual players, however there are both coupons and packages available. The cost of admission for packages and individuals includes paintballs, all of the equipment, goggles, Carbon Dioxide and depending on which package, between three and six hours of playing time.

They have a young staff who helps you out, making sure everything goes smoothly. Safety is a main concern and they are good at having people follow rules. Although any sport has its risks, like twisted ankles or pulled muscles, at Cousin’s, they try to make sure it is as safe as possible, which to most parents is important.

One way they ensure the safety of young and inexperienced players is to restrict the kind of paintball guns allowed. No automatic guns or guns that are too powerful are permitted so that the game is fair for all players. They take all of the rules seriously, so there is only as much to worry about as in any other sport.

If you have never played before, paintball is a high paced and crazy sport. You can easily get lost in the game, finding yourself using military strategies and tactics. Making surprise attacks and sticking by your teammates, whether you knew them before or not, are just a couple of the great things that seem to happen in this game. The sting of a paintball is minimal and after your fun is over, you will realize it is definitely worth it.

With the only outdoor fields on Long Island, Cousin’s is the only place where you will get the full paintball experience. They have 26 different fields on 88 acres of land, available for public or private parties. You get to experience different settings, from bunkers made with brightly colored barrels and tubes, to more realistic ones on huge fields where you hide behind trees and logs, as if you were in a real war zone. The more realistic the setting, the better the experience. Expect to get fully into it once you get into a more natural setting.

Many of the packages are for groups start at 10 people. Get 10 or more of your friends to take the ride and you can have the fields to yourselves. It’s great for anything from kids parties, to bachelor parties and company outings.

On the weekdays, a reservation is required with 10 people or more, but on the weekends and some holidays, it is open to the public. Just have a waiver signed (by a parent if you’re under 18) and get there early for a guaranteed spot on a field.

You never have to worry about bringing anything to the field because they have everything from rental guns to bags of paintballs. You can bring your own, or buy a jumpsuit for about seven dollars. There is also hot and cold food available on site, so bringing food and drinks isn’t necessary.

If you do have your own equipment, you can bring it; however, they do have restrictions on certain guns for the safety of less experienced players.

Cousin’s also has facilities in Platekill, NY, Manchester, NJ, Staten Island and even in Texas. This is truly a great and exciting experience that you can enjoy, whether you’re with your kids, colleagues or friends.

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