Last Week in Free Amazon Music Downloads 7-21

eye“At First Sight” – Jay Brannan

Released in 2008 from the album “Goddamned,” this song causes you to slow down and listen to what Brannan is saying. A favorite lyric “you’d teach me not to be psycho” fits nicely into this stripped down folksy music that has a slight edge to it. Well worth the listen.

“Beach” – West Indian Girl

The album is entitled “We Believe,” and it is categorized as Dance & DJ. It sounds as if the musicians are attempting to catch the beat and are completely unsuccessful. If you want to clear a dance floor – in a bad way, then play this irritating, monotonous, upbeat tune.

“Endless Love” – The Fresh and Onlys

Off this self-titled album, this song is a nice rock ditty that is short and to the point. The lyrics might fade from your memory, but what will remain in a good way will be the catchy melody.

“Love Came Tumblin’ Down” – Monks

This mostly instrumental tune from the album “The Early Years 1964-1965” is not bad, but it’s not anything to jump for joy at either. None of the shocking or revelatory lyrics that this band is known for are here, which makes the electronic music sound flat and unemotional. At least it’s relatively short (3:03); but being glad that a song is finally over is not a good thing.

“Robots” – Exercise

This song from the album “Grandma’s House” gives the genre alternative a horrible name. It’s the type of noise that you would deem a heinous act against humanity for playing. Banging your head against the wall or babysitting 10 screaming bratty 2-year olds who need to be changed would be a better use of your time.

“Dreams Come True Girl (Featuring Karen Black)” – Cass McCombs

Released in July 09 from the album “Catacombs,” this song sounds like a raw Beach Boys track without the harmonies. The melody will also remind you of the music for the television series Twin Peaks – you envision a little person dancing awkwardly and talking backwards. The problem is that this song is reminiscent of songs that are better than this. It would be better to scope out the original tunes of the Beach Boys and the Twin Peaks soundtrack than to listen to this.

“Walk Like a Gentleman” – Eye Alaska

This is a gem of a free download. Well orchestrated and produced, Eye Alaska has done a successful job by using this song to promote their sophomore album “Genesis Underground” (released 2009). With lyrics like “Like yesterday, you were always to me/A memory fond I could never repeat,” and an infusion of different genres – this tune will definitely be one of the favorites in the soundtrack of your life.

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