Last Week in Free MP3 Downloads 7-13-09

j70938hxe89Not a fan of free MP3 downloads? Not worth your time? Think again. Here are some recent free downloads that may be worth your time, courtesy of, who just so happen to give away an MP3 a day and sometimes more, every day.

“Brooklyn Cumbia” – Uproot Andy

This electronic-Latin infused song burgeons on the edge of noise. There’s no contemplating the meaning of life with this driving beat. On the plus side it doesn’t have annoying lyrics. Essentially, it’s background music – something to listen to while working at your computer or for those of us who need white noise played in the background while doing any other activity.

“No Regrets” – Drew Copeland

Originally released in 2004, No Regrets is a solo album by this songwriter/guitarist from the group Sister Hazel. The album has a soft-rock and country sound to it. Copeland’s musicianship as a writer and arranger shine, particularly in “Right One for Me” and “Over You.” However, songs like “Savannah” and “A Little Like Heaven” are hardly groundbreaking. For free, the album is worth a listen, but you might think twice about paying for the entire thing.

“Mentiras” – Los Amigos Invisibles

Off the Commercial album which was released earlier this year, this infectious, danceable, jazz-influenced tune is sung completely in Spanish. Does it matter if you understand what they’re singing – no. You’ll be dancing around and attempting to sing along whether or not you know the words. You’ll also be searching for the albums of this band that has been around since the mid-1990s.

“Fireflies” – Chris Garneau

Alternative has become a genre where you put in any type of music that is outside the norm. In this case Fireflies from the album ‘El Radio’ (released July 09) is an odd mix of folk and electronic sound with a little Emo mixed in. It sounds as if it should be on a soundtrack for a Stanley Kubrick film – particularly the scene in “Full Metal Jacket” where Vincent D’Onofrio shoots his superior officer/tormentor, then himself. Not sure who that audience is, but this song is definitely an acquired taste.

“Braided Cellophane” – Tobacco

Sometimes you get what you pay for.

This song from the album, The Allegheny White Fish Tapes (also released in July 09), is another piece of music in the alternative/rock/techno/electronic genre. The tune isn’t memorable and there are too many influences that make this mish-mosh of influences annoying white noise that you will quickly delete from your mp3 player.

“4 Leaf Clover” – Billy Boy on Poison

What is it about the alternative label? This song from the Drama Junkie Queen album (release date – July 09) is a straight up rock song. The recognizable instruments back-up a straight-forward story executed well through its lyrics and chorus. The haunting melody that runs throughout the song does add a gothic-rock element and it forces, you in a good way, to pay attention to the words. It also succeeds where free mp3 downloads usually don’t – it makes you want to check out the band’s other recordings and buy the entire album.

“Arts and Crafts” – Matt Wilson

Remember on “The Cosby Show” when Cliff Huxtable put on a jazz album that beckoned Claire to come back downstairs? Well, the opening of this song is reminiscent of that. It’s a slow, sensuous build that hits a crescendo, then slowly lulls you back into a sensuous bebop tempo. It then takes you on an improvisational journey that leaves you wanting to purchase the remaining songs on the album That’s Gonna Leave a Mark.

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