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2auntsuzies[1]In the hip and yuppie-filled Park Slope, Aunt Suzie’s is a great place to get away from the city’s crazy, fast paced and ever changing atmosphere. With wonderfully traditional recipes, it’s reminiscent of dinner at Grandma’s house to any Italian American. Overall, it’s a satisfying night out that won’t empty your wallet.

With the economy in its current state, many people have been avoiding going out to eat. Aunt Suzie’s, at 247 5th Ave between Carroll and Garfield Pl., however, is there to make it possible to enjoy a real and delicious Italian meal. With only one dish on the menu over $20, it’s a great way to enjoy going out, without going broke. And if you still don’t want to take the trip on the R or M trains, their website has the recipe for their marinara sauce for anyone to use at home.

“I love this place, I can go with my boyfriend and get amazing Italian food, with appetizers and beer for the two of us for less than it would cost at a place like Fridays or Applebee’s. It’s really great that they’re here in the middle of Park Slope’s other more expensive places to eat,” said frequent guest of Aunt Suzie’s, Danise Pimpinella.

If their inexpensive entrees are still a bit too much for you, you can also take a look at their “Cheap Menu.” This recession friendly menu offers a generous plate of pasta, salad, or vegetables, to go with warm bread and your choice of Chicken, Veal, Meatballs and more. Or you can try their plain pasta dishes, where for only a couple more dollars will double the portion and feed “Two Italians, or four yuppies.” They will also give you $10 off a meal on your birthday, if you sign up for their mailing list.

Despite their cheap prices; they are never cheap with portions, or flavor. This is some of the best Italian food around. They were not only mentioned in newspapers such as the Daily News, but also voted “Best Buy” in a Zagat Survey.

The pasta is always done al dente and the sauce is close to perfection. Never too much, or too little of anything on your plate. The bread and dipping sauce you get, free of charge, once you are seated is almost worth the trip out. Between the baked ravioli, to chicken parmigiana or their great vodka sauce, there’s not much on the menu that doesn’t catch your eye.

The cozy environment is kid friendly and appealing to adults at the same time. It’s a great place to bring a date and has tried to stay true to its roots. Surrounded by hip and chic restaurants and bars, they have done a good job keeping their “homey” feel with family photos and traditional décor.

They also have a great beer selection with brews from right here in Brooklyn. Whatever your taste might be, they’ll have something you’ll like. Dark brews to light brews, American and European, there are definitely some worth trying. You also have a wide choice of wine. Both red and white, the wait staff seems knowledgeable and they are willing to help you decide based on your tastes.

This is a great place to be, in a great area where you can hit a bar after dinner, or go down the street to Ozzie’s for a cup of coffee. Aunt Suzie’s has a great atmosphere and great food. A real blessing during times we are all watching what and how we spend; so if you want a real good Italian meal, it might be time to take a ride over to Park Slope and meet Aunt Suzie. The only problem you might face is deciding which of these great dishes you want to try first.

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