The Blood Continues to Boil in Newest ‘True Blood’ Episode

TruebloodintertitleEpisode Commentary: Shake and Fingerpop

With each passing week, it becomes more and more apparent that the writers of “True Blood” are sadists.

No, not because of the obscene, but welcomed, amount of sex and violence. Not because each and every episode has someone drinking the blood out of someone else’s forearm or neck. The reason they are sadists is because they take pleasure in knowing that every Sunday at 10 P.M. (eastern standard time) there are four million people (up from an average of around two million last year) who are left in shock and disbelief that they have to wait another 167 hours until the story continues.

After waiting what seemed to be an eternity for the fourth episode of the season, those sadists made it well worth the wait.

We all knew Jason’s (Ryan Kwanton, “Summerland”) stay at the Light of Day Institute was leading to something, and while there is little surprise to what Reverend Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian, “Saved”) has been up to, what side Jason is on when the war comes will show us if he matures at all throughout the season. Now when is he going to do the inevitable and sleep with Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp, “Cashmire Mafia”)?

Every episode so far this season has revealed just a little bit about Maryanne, (Michelle Forbes, “Battlestar Galactica”) and a little more is revealed this week. She can control people, make them dance, lose their inhibitions and turn their eyes black. Where is she from and what does she want? There are eight episodes left this season and there sure as hell better be answers.

After all the talk of using Sookie (Anna Paquin, “X-Men”) to help find a missing 2000 year old vampire sheriff Godric in Dallas, Sookie and Bill (Stephen Moyer, “The Starter Wife”) finally make their way to Texas and take their first trip together.

Godric’s disappearance has severely perturbed Eric. (Alexander Skarsgard, “Generation Kill”) What his importance is, as well as his relationship with Eric who obviously holds him in the highest of regards, is still a mystery, but it’s that type of lingering curiosity this show leaves in the viewer every week is what makes it as spectacular as it is.

Finally following up on Miss Jeanette’s murder and the reveal of a little secret Daphne (Ashley Jones, “The Bold and the Beautiful”) has been keeping to herself thus far add to the strangeness that is the town of Bon Temps.

As the show gets into the middle third of the season, expect to get some answers and even more questions. “True Blood” is still just heating up, make sure you don’t miss a minute.

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