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The first few episodes of the second season of “True Blood” have completely captivated its audience, but have left so many unanswered questions that the show has somewhat deviated from its more natural threesome of blood, sex and the occult as of late.

For some shows, this could be a problem, but the writers of this series have proven and continue to exhibit the type of versatility that amazing programs possess.

Make no mistake about it though, with “Battlestar Galatica” off the air and “Dexter” not starting its new season until Sept. 28, this is currently the best show on Cable TV.

It continued to thrill this past Sunday too.

After last week’s origin story of Eric got the most attention from fans, this week, Bill Compton’s back story gets fleshed out a bit more, revealing a darker side to the handsome man of the night. Surprising to say the very least, Compton [Stephen Moyer] may have some explaining to do in the weeks ahead. With the arrival of his maker, Lorena, as well, Compton’s character has gotten a breath of fresh air after being relegated to Sookie’s sex slave over the past few weeks.

Speaking of Ms. Stackhouse, she and Isabella’s human boyfriend, Hugo [Christopher Gartin], infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun and find out that things are much worse than they expected. Who is the vampire in the basement Steve Newlin is referring to when Sookie reads his mind? Is it Godric? Where has he been all this time? When are we going to meet him? These questions need answers and soon, as the suspense is boiling up to a feverish point.

In other developments, Sam Merlotte [Sam Trammell]and Daphne’s relationship is also getting steamier, but Bon Temps’ favorite shape-shifter may be in serious danger. Mary Ann Forrester grows stronger by the day and has no one in her path to stop her from what she wants. The only question is, what does she want? Can Sam stop her? What does the future hold for Tara and Eggs? Just like Sookie’s situation with the Fellowship, this part of the story looks to be ready to crack as well, preparing viewers for an excellent episode next week.

The same thing goes for Jason Stackhouse [Ryan Kwanten], who seems to be running out of options after becoming one of the most trusted warriors in the Fellowship. How long can he keep his secrets? Are he and Sarah destined to be together? Will he find his sister? What does the future hold for all of them?

If that all wasn’t enough, the beginning of what looks to be an excellent side story between Hoyt [Jim Parrack]and Jessica seems to be developing too. Can the mama’s boy date a vampire without getting killed? Can Jessica handle a boyfriend while adjusting to her new life?

Guess we’ll just have to wait another week to find out.

Great television always finds a way to keep you on the edge of your seat and “True Blood” continues to deliver with not only its main storyline, but all the smaller ones as well. An hour may seem like a long time for most shows, but this series is living proof that there may not be enough hours in the day to watch.

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