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veggie burgerAre you tired of the usual fast-food fare?  Have you ever searched for a place where you can either eat a meal by yourself or gather together with some friends?  If you fall into either one of those categories, then Purity Diner is the place for you. Nestled in the heart of Park Slope on 289 7th avenue, Purity Diner serves food that is recognizable and satisfying.

They have a plethora of well-known meals and their deluxe platters are filling and tasty.

In particular, their Wyoming deluxe burger platter is some of the best work food-wise that has ever been experienced by this writer. You can order it any way you like from rare to well done without a hassle. Once you receive your meal, placed before you is a mixture of textures that will be a comfort to your palate. The well-done burger comes to you on a toasted bun. In the case of the Wyoming burger, the BBQ sauce and bacon are placed on the side – enabling you to build your meal to your satisfaction.  However, what makes this deluxe platter special are the fries. They are cut in the perfect shape – being neither limp nor oily. They have the perfect crispness that can be eaten alone or with the ketchup provided.

Besides burgers, Purity Diner has an eclectic menu that also serves people who are watching their weight. Their vegetarian burger is particularly well made with real vegetables and not a meat substitute. It was refreshing to see real peas and carrots instead of a beige patty. This burger was also well seasoned and not the usual bland fare of “healthy food.”

The Diner also serves breakfast at any time of the day. Which is a welcoming revelation ,considering that most fast food places stop serving breakfast at a specific time. Prices on the different foods range from $5 to $20, depending on what you order.  Another plus is that you’re able to customize most meals to your taste, which gives you the flexibility to retry your favorites without getting bored.  Best of all is that the fountain drinks are not watered down.

The atmosphere is pleasant and the waiting staff is ready to cater to you in a non-intrusive way.  Though small, depending on your party size, there are a variety of seating arrangements that will favor one to eight customers at a table.  Be forewarned though, the booths are on the small side and do not provide enough leg room for two tall people to sit comfortably, even when they are opposite each other.

In spite of those minor comfort issues, the eating experience at the Purity Diner is well worth the effort.  Conveniently in the middle of a vibrant shopping area as well, this place is a nice way to top off a day trip in Brooklyn.

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Donna-lyn Washington has a M.A. in English from Brooklyn College. She is currently teaching at Kingsborough Community College where her love of comics and pop culture play key parts in helping her students move forward in their academic careers. As a senior writer for ReviewFix she has been able to explore a variety of worlds through comics, film and television and has met some interesting writers and artists along the way. Donna-lyn does a weekly podcast reviewing indie comics and has also contributed entries to the 'Encyclopedia of Black Comics,’ the academic anthology ‘Critical Insights: Frank Yerby’ and is the editor for the upcoming book, ‘Conversations With: John Jennings.’

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