Avengers Assemble…Again

ula2Continuing the story from the last Ultimate Avengers animated motion picture, Ultimate Avengers 2 gives comic book fans more of the same solid story and action they’ve been looking for and introduces the beloved Black Panther into the series, making it more enjoyable to hardcore fans.

Many fans had a huge problem with the lack of development in the first movie and it seems that the problem has been fixed in Ultimate Avengers 2, but only as far as the returning characters are concerned.

The back story of Iron Man and Captain America is explained in much more detail in the sequel, showing the physical problems Tony Stark must deal with everyday and the emotional anguish that has engulfed the life of Steve Rogers. The marital problems of Wasp and Giant Man also play a big part in the film, while Bruce Banner and Thor have big problems of their own they have to cope with.

New to the film to the Black Panther, who’s rich and emotional story has made him a fan favorite for the past four decades. Unfortunately, to the chagrin of many fans, his persona is not totally captured in the film. Being of wise mind and body, Black Panther is a calming influence amongst the Avengers that hold no punches while on the battlefield. While there are scents of this in the film, the character almost feels like someone else by the end of the movie.

For some reason, the producers of this film decided to go with a younger, more irrational Panther, focusing more on his relationship with the people in his village than his relationship with the Avengers; nevertheless, the story does require some attention to Panther’s people, but more attention should have been paid to his friendship with Captain America and the rest of the Avengers.

On the whole, Ultimate Avengers 2 is a solid animated motion picture that hurts itself a tad by straying too far away from the source material it’s based on. By the end however, it feels more like a throwback to the great animated Saturday morning Marvel cartoons that many of us still watch on YouTube.com to this day than anything else.

And that’s a good thing.

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