Bargain Bin Gaming-Episode 10: Nintendogs

nintendogs7760Nintendogs can be found on for as cheaply as $13.99.

When the Nintendo DS was originally created, its purpose was to bring casual and hardcore gamers together in an immerse and creative venue that couldn’t be replicated anywhere else. The DS’s touch screen, combined with its solid sound system and microphone give gamers a portable gaming experience that make the titles on the system feel unlike any other.

“Nintendogs,” without a doubt, is a must-own game for the DS that takes advantage of all of the strengths of the system and then some. Despite the cutesy aura surrounding it, its presentation and gameplay mechanics make “Nintendogs” a title that children and adults alike will enjoy. Also, consider that there are over 20 breeds of K9s to choose from, including favorites like the German Shepard, Pug, Boxer and Chihuahua and it’s easy to see that this game has a dog for everyone.

Simply put, “Nintendogs” is a virtual pet. Players must feed and take care of their dog while simultaneously getting them in prime shape for obedience, agility and “Frisbee” championships that earn you and your dog the money needed to survive and the prestige that comes with being a championship trainer.

This is achieved by talking to your dog and teaching it basic commands, like sit, lay down, beg, etc. Yes, you heard it right; your dog will understand your every command, but not without the proper training and practice. Just the same way you would train a dog in real life; praising it for every job well done and curtailing its bad habits through positive reinforcement, “Nintendogs” too requires players to spend massive amounts of time getting to know their dog and with enough hard work and practice, becoming one with it.

Spending this much time with your dog cements how great the gameplay in “Nintendogs” actually is. Add in great animation and graphics that really bring your dog to life and it’s easy to see why there are just as many 30-year-old-men out there that can’t put this game down as there are 10-year-olds.

Overall, “Nintendogs” is a guilty pleasure that makes the Nintendo DS a system worth owning, regardless of your age or type of games you prefer to play. With a ton of depth and eclectic gameplay, anyone who gives this game a chance will be drawn into its charming world and fall victim to losing a few hours each day to their furry, yet electronic friend.

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