Bargain Bin Gaming- Episode 11- WTF

wtfboxOver the course of video game history, there hasn’t been anything quite like “WTF.” Covered in Japanese eccentricities and the most unusual gameplay to ever be featured in a video game, “WTF,” or “Work Time Fun,” on the PSP provides a unique experience unavailable anywhere else.

No one would ever think that playing a batch of simple, repetitive and dated mini-games for money to buy meaningless trinkets would be this much fun, but “WTF” manages to make it so and much more. Picking between four different mini-games to play a day, gamers have the opportunity to earn cash that can be used on in-game vending machines that can buy everything from useless trinkets to new games or even tools for your PSP,

While the trinkets range from everything such as a pair of false Dracula teeth [the wax kind, Dracula doesn’t really exist, does he?] to food magnets that have absolutely no real purpose in the game, the tools, such as the Chinese Astrologer, Eye Spy and Ramen Timer [yes, you heard it right] are downright hilarious and can easily keep you occupied on that ride to school or work. They’re also pretty useful.

One of the tools is actually designed to help you find how much to pay when you go out to dinner and decide to divvy up the tab amongst yourself and your friends. Just enter in the bill and the tip you want to pay and faster than Emeril Lagasse can say “bam,” you’ll know exactly what you and your friends have to pay. Depending on how stingy your friends are, that tool by itself can save you the money it cost to purchase the game.

Despite the pleasure you’ll have messing with the tools that game has to offer, the best part of the game is in fact, the games. Ranging from trying to cross the street picking up “magical” mushrooms along the way to fielding ground balls from a skeleton with a cowboy hat on, the games in “WTF” are so easy to learn that anyone can enjoy them and offer enough challenge to attract hardcore gamers.

On the whole, the addictiveness of the mini-games and huge amount of unlockables easily makes up for the fact that the graphics, sound and control are more along the lines of SNES kart than a PSP UMD. Nevertheless, old school gamers with an aptitude for games along the lines of “Mario Party” and “WarioWare” will fall in love with “WTF,” while gamers looking for lush 3D graphics and unbelievable analog control will be forced to go somewhere else.

It’s definitely not a game for everyone, but if given an opportunity, “WTF” may find a permanent place in your heart and inside your PSP.

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