Cap Gets Extra Gritty

captA pure treat for the advent comic book fan, “Captain America: Winter Soldier” features a story line so riveting that it will make your mouth water.

“Winter Soldier: Volume One” has everything a reader would enjoy, creating pure excitement with the turning of each page. With a few shocking twists and sequences, it is a read that will be talked about for a long time to come.

A late call to duty brings Captain America onto the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-carrier to identify the corpse of his most feared opponent, the Red Skull. However, the shocking murder of his oldest enemy may not make things easier for Captain. Whoever shot the Red Skull has stolen his final project, which is an unfinished Cosmic Cube with the powers to alter reality itself.

Adding to the immediate danger is a core of the Red Skull’s followers that has already set a plan in motion to deploy bombs in the heart of Paris, London and Manhattan. As the clock ticks and the bombs are ready to explode, Captain America must not only solve the Red Skull’s murder mystery, but he must find the cube before it can be used in his evil plot against the United States.

What makes “Winter Soldier” so unique is the amount of flashbacks of Steve Rogers, the man behind the titular, patriotic mask, has due to the cube’s inherent power. Adding an element of danger, these hallucinations often take place during battle sequences, making them inconvenient for Rogers and extra engaging for the reader.

Bringing these flashbacks to life even more are the many questions that are in need of answers throughout the story. Like any unsolved mystery, “Winter Soldier” makes the reader think. As a superhero, Captain America is a favorite not only based on his actions, but also due to his tenacious desire to crack the case, showing another side to the often stoic and serious character.

Ed Brubaker [Daredevil] puts together a creative story, effectively showing off his brilliance as a writer. Steve Epting [Avengers], Maichale Lark [Gotham Central] and John Paul Leon [Earth X] do a fantastic job illustrating what has come to be known as a wonderful and phenomenal piece of work.

A quick read from beginning to end is also what makes “Winter Soldier” so fun and enjoyable. The action will keep you guessing and the plot will have your jaw dropping as it comes to its shocking climax.

If you are a fan of “Captain America,” this book is a must-own. For anyone else, “Winter Soldier” is a series definitely worth giving a chance as it shows us another side of America’s most patriotic super hero and at the same time doesn’t stray too far away from what made him what he is.

Bombs away; Captain America is here to save the day.

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