Darkly Dreaming With Dexter Again

dexter_wall_03_1280x1024From a mystery needing to be solved to a suspenseful chase in unlocking the truth, “Dexter,” season two induces a pulse-pounding fear into the hearts of viewers that will lead them on an expedition that will take them to dire results.

By the end of the second season, you will find yourself rooting for the serial-killer.

That achievement alone makes the series a must-see and easily one of the best on Cable today.

It is not common that a television show has the ability to suck in an audience and cause an addiction so imminent that viewers will be begging for more. That is another power that “Dexter” has.

The attraction. is colossal.

Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall [Six Feet Under, Gamer], is unable to satisfy his urge to kill from the beginning of the first season. With Sergeant Doakes, played Erik King [National Treasure, Crawl Space], on his tail, Dexter is always watching his back, trying to avoid the meticulous cop, who seems ever closer to discovering his dark secret.

When the opportunities for Dexter to kill his victims arrive, he has trouble, still feeling guilt and unable to get over his role in the death of his brother, Rudy, played by Chistian Camargo [Happy Tears, Crime Busters], known as the Ice Truck Killer from season one.

To make matters worse, a group of treasure hunters discover Dexter’s underwater grave yard in which he dumps his victims. As the police bring up the bodies from the ocean, the media makes a name for the killer – “Bay Harbor Butcher.”

F.B.I. special agent Lundy, played by Keith Carradine [Lake City, The Decoy Effect], is brought in to help crack the case and bring down the butcher, which is when the investigating and the hunting begin.
Rita, played by Julie Benz [Rambo, Punisher War Zone], goes through several rough patches with Dexter. While he has another love interest in a woman named Lila, [pardon her breasts] played by Jaime Murray [Hustle, Valentine], he soon discovers her narcissistic ways, giving this season a great new twist.
Season two is definitely the most intense so far. The characters are on edge – especially Dexter, who lives his daily life with a growing target on his back. Slowly, the dark secrets of his past are revealed, with particular focus on those that involve his step dad, Harry Morgan, played by James Remar [What Lies Beneath, Blink].

With that said, the second season of “Dexter” is a must watch – better than the first, which is a tough win, since the first step in a cinematic story is usually the best. With each episode, you are left with your heart pounding, waiting to see what will happen next.

This season, Dexter is looking to find himself – who he is and whether he truly wants to live by Harry’s code, quite a change of pace for the character who seemed so set in his ways. Now, he must find a way to keep his darkest secret locked away from those he cares for most.

Wait, Dexter cares? Yes, he does. And more than you think.

There are many more questions to be answered too.

Because of all the twist, turns, cuts, slices and stabs, season two of “Dexter” is like a racing beam of light, inciting intense palpitations, effectively knocking the wind out of the viewer in anticipation.

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