Hulk Smashed in Middling DVD Release

hulkvsdvdcoverOriginally released in January, the “Hulk Vs” DVD compilation is a mediocre animated feature that fails to completely deliver.

With a title such as “Hulk Vs,” you’d expect to see the Incredible Hulk battling against someone, right? Well, in this DVD, our favorite green tough guy is teaming up with other super heroes, but due to his equally incredible lack of intelligence and hunger for destruction, he ends up fighting with them at times before vanquishing the baddies.

Hulk not like bait and switch advertising.

Hulk also not expect this when he buy shiny disc with moving pictures inside.

Because of this, the two stories featured on the DVD feel a bit disjointed and take away from what could have been a great viewing experience.

The first story is titled “Hulk vs Wolverine,” but is actually more of an origin story for everyone’s favorite clawed, cigar-smoking, Canadian bad ass. Sure, Hulk has a huge part, as he is the catalyst that sets the events in motion, but with Sabretooth, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike and the always hilarious Deadpool appearing in the 37-minute feature as well, this story is without a doubt more about Wolverine than the Hulk. While it is entertaining and fun at times, especially with a Manga-like animation to it, it’s the opposite of what you would expect from the title.

As a matter of fact, the feature ends just when things are starting to get juicy, making it more of a tease than anything else.

The opposite can be said for the second feature that has Hulk fighting alongside Thor against Loki in Asgard. Action-packed, this story is a bit more fleshed out and has much better animation [Enchantress is super-hot throughout], but again, calling this “Hulk vs. Thor” just isn’t right.

It’s more like Thor vs Loki, featuring Hulk, as again while he does serve an integral part in the story, more focus is on the heated sibling rivalry between Thor and Loki. Nevertheless, this is a fun romp through the land of the Norse-gods and one that shows just how strong Hulk is and how much of an affect he has on the life of Bruce Banner.

Because of that, this release is worth buying for fans of Marvel’s green monster.

New fans to the series or action-hungry viewers looking for a great introduction to the character may be a bit disappointed however, as this collection fails to provide what it promises.

That’s not necessarily a horrible thing, but it’s bad marketing nonetheless.

If this DVD was called “Hulk Team Up” instead, maybe less people would have bought it, but at least it would have been accurately represented on retailers’ shelves.

But then again, who wants to see Hulk teaming up with anyone? Truth be told, he isn’t famous for playing well with others.

However, that doesn’t mean you should have to fork over your hard-earned money for something that isn’t what it claims to be.

What’s next? Oxy-Clean that makes your clothes purple, rather than clean?

The only person who’d buy that is Bruce Banner.

The only people who should entertain the notion of picking up this DVD are those that love the Hulk so much that they don’t mind him lying to them in a loud monosyllabic voice.

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