Last Week in Free MP3s 8-27

glaze“Hoops and Leather Boots” – Brian Glaze

Remember those songs you made up when you were ten? You and your friends would try to come up with as many words as you could think of in a certain amount of time. There would be no rhyme or reason – just fit every unrelated word in. Well whoever loses should have to listen to this track. It is a misuse of the instruments involved and the lyrics “Do Me” are mind-numbingly repeated. In essence, it’s an awful mess that needs to be reworked. Skip it.

“Ancestors” – Throw Me The Statue

Strong musicianship highlights this heavily guitar-laden track. The words make sense and the instruments complement the storyline of the song. Everything gels which makes you wish this song was longer than four minutes. Definitely worth the free download.

“Find You Out” – RJD2

With the album title “Your Face or Your Kneecaps,” how could you not download this free track? This song is a refreshing taste from the hip-hop genre. The lyrics are tight and blend superbly with the instrumentals in the song. Depending on your mood you might dance to it or just sit back and listen – it’s just that versatile a track.

“Those Girls” – Kinky featuring Randy

With this track Kinky is straddling the fence between barely listenable and annoying. The electronics in this song cause it to sound like a backdrop for a commercial. Heard in a 30-second snippet might help this tune, however, as a free download it just isn’t worth it.

“I Gave It Up” – J. Moss

Moss’ background is steeped in the gospel tradition. A driving hip/hop beat coupled with inspirational lyrics enhances this grooving Christian track. Reminiscent of Kirk Franklin and Salt’s (Salt and Pepa’s) collaboration “Stomp”, this song will get you moving. Regardless of the in-your-face religious lyrics, this song is worth a listen.

“Goin Thru Changes” – Ledisi

From her fifth album (Turn Me Loose) “Goin Thru Changes” is not your usual free download. Its masterful R&B flow is reminiscent of Gladys Knight and Chaka Kahn. With all of Ledisi’s success as a vocal artist, she still seems to be under the radar. Hopefully this song will expose her lyrical skills to an audience who rarely listen to R&B.

“Chalk Lines” – Division Day

Division Day’s attempt at some-sort experimentation with sound comes across as a migraine-inducing noise fest. And it doesn’t help that the lead singer of this band sounds as if he is singing under water. To add insult to injury the song never gels, which makes the monotonous, constant pounding on instruments seem endless. This is a poor choice for a free download from a band that has an innovative listenable sound. Download “Littleblood” from their album Beartrap Island to get the pain out of your ears of this track.

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