Our Ten Best- Episode 15: Underrated PSone Games

Jumpingflash_boxartThe signature gaming console of the late ’90s, the Sony Playstation was home to dozens of classic games including several from the Final Fantasy series and titles the likes of Street Fighter Alpha, Twisted Metal and Crash Bandicoot. However, during that time, there were a host of great games that never saw the light of day for a plethora of reasons. In this exclusive list, we count down the best of the unknown of Sony’s first console.

10- Beyond the Beyond- The first RPG released on the system in the United States, this game wasn’t much to look at graphically, but featured an excellent and equally as long story, accessible characters and a solid turn-based fighting system. It’s too bad the country wasn’t yet over Chrono Trigger on the SNES and was eagerly awaiting th release of Final Fantasy VII. If it was, this game could have gotten much more than the blimp on the radar screen it received when it was originally released.

9- Micro Machines V3- A fun and innovative racing game, this title had great courses that made the most out of the license. The fast-paced multi-player modes also added to the experience, making it a great offering. At the time however, PSone fan boys were in love with Twisted Metal and Jet Moto.

8- PO’ed- A first-person shooter with attitude, this game utilized some crazy weapons that proved this type of game could be as imaginative as any other. Colorful graphics helped prove this point even more. With Final Doom being released around the same time, this title was dust in the wind.

7-Threads of Fate- An action-RPG from Squaresoft that was released around the debut of the Playstation Two, it never gained the type of praise it deserved. Being able to play as two characters, one utilizing hack and slash elements and the other wielding magic, the game had a nice variety of gameplay. Add in a long story and you had a winning formula that many missed out on.

6-Virtual Pool- Feeling more like a PC game, this title was thin on options, but featured excellent physics and was a blast to play with friends. Add in a soundtrack that epitomized the type of tracks you’d hear in a pool hall in the mid-90s and you have easily one of the best billiards games ever created.

5-WCW/NWO Thunder- Influential because it featured more wrestlers in any other game on the system and had some small customization options, this was the best wrestling game on the system before the Smackdown! series came into town. At the time however, the system of choice for wrestling fans was the Nintendo 64, so for many, this was one game they never touched.

4-Loaded- A product of Interplay, this game was better than the Contra game that was released around the same time. Bloody, difficult and featuring four insane characters, it’s easily the best top-down adventure/shooter of its time.

3-Wipeout- If this game wasn’t released around the same time as the first Need for Speed or Ridge Racer games, it would have gotten much more attention. Spawning sequels on a variety of systems afterwards, “Wipeout” on the PSone is a graphical powerhouse that has equally as sharp controls and plenty of options to keep you busy. To this day, it still plays well, making it a classic in a league of its own.

2-Wild Arms- Another game that got lost in the clouds due to the release of Final Fantasy VII, “Wild Arms” is still an excellent RPG and has a once in a lifetime story, an excellent fighting system and loveable characters. Some may even like the main character Rudy more than a few characters from Squaresoft’s universe.

1-Jumping Flash- A futuristic FPS with a style all its own, “Jumping Flash” is a guilty pleasure that has it all. While the graphics haven’t aged well, the control and story are still top notch. The world within the game is almost like something out of a fairy-tale and jumping around in your mechanical robot looking for carrots is insanely addictive and fun. Easily the biggest sleeper on the system and most definitely a must own game for anyone who owns the system.

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