Twisted Developments on ‘Hung’

Hung-HBOEpisode Commentary: “Doris Is Dead or Are We Rich or Are We Poor?”

Can Ray Drecker be falling in love with a client?

Is he made out for the life of a John?

Is his newest, sexiest and strangest client, Gemma, asking for too much from him?

How does Tanya feel about all of this?

These questions fuel a solid episode of “Hung” that makes the future seem like quite an interesting place.

After spending the last episode at his newest client’s beck and call, Drecker has continued to meet her behind his Madam’s back after she failed to agree to her terms. Much like last episode, Drecker is in for a handful again. The setting for a few of their “meetings” is interesting, as well as their conversations. Thought-provoking, yet steamy, the developments between these two are something the show could use a bit more of.

With these two spending more “time” together, Drecker is able to pay for some of the repairs on his home, making him happier than we’ve seen him for most of the season. However, there’s trouble in paradise. While Tanya is pleased with the financial outcomes of Ray’s relationship with Gemma, she’s feeling out of the loop and is quickly losing power.

How long until she has what appears to be an eventual nervous breakdown?

While Drecker seems to be enjoying his relationship with Gemma immensely, there seems to be a huge caveat. As he gets to know her more, his identity is in jeopardy of being exposed [due to he and Tanya’s inexperience and negligence at prostitution] and despite warnings from an increasingly-fidgety Tanya, he seems to be digging himself into a hole that will be interesting to see him get himself out of in upcoming episodes.

Speaking of nervous breakdowns, the past few weeks have had a lasting effect on Drecker’s ex-wife, Jessica. In the dark about her new husband’s finances, she finds out some disturbing details that show us even more about this character. While she’s still far from endearing, is slowly becoming a character with the type of multifaceted-ness viewers can latch on to. Add in another hilarious spot with her mother and this is a sub-story that many viewers will want to see develop more.

The same can be said too for Drecker’s love life, as even though he’s already established himself as an enjoyable character, seeing the three women in his world [all whom appear to be lost about different things in regards to their relationship with him] pull at his heart strings and simultaneously get him to become a better man and coach makes for some quality television.

An engaging sneak peak at next week’s episode only sweetens the pot more, as “Hung” seems to be back on track again after an erratic episode the week before.

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