‘Dancing’ Into a New Season

dancing-with-the-starsThe show that brought dancing back to the forefront returned Monday night with a whopping sixteen celebrity contestants. It was a premiere so huge that it took three nights to find out which of the first two stars would be eliminated.

The eclectic array of professions range from modeling to former politician Tom Delay. On Monday, the men took their turn on the dance floor. There was some serious flirting going on between these male celebrities and their vivacious, professional dance partners. Unfortunately that chemistry didn’t always translate from rehearsal to dance floor – and the judges let them know it. Len Goodman as chief judge was brutally honest from the start. Even when he gave praise, it was tempered with the cold water reality that these stars definitely need to work to stay on this show. Even showman Donny Osmond did not come away unscathed as he was told that he put too much razzamatazz and not enough dance in his routine. Near the end of the night even Michael Irvin queried “Why did I do this?” With eight men in season nine, the show decided to have a dance off in the season premiere instead of wait until the semi-final portion of the competition. The men were placed from fourth to first place. All together the men had to perform three dances. The same process would be repeated by the ladies on Tuesday.

However, what made Monday’s show worth watching was the banter between the judges and co-hosts. After a particular harsh score given to Michael Irvin, Tom Bergeron gives the dry-wit reply of “I’m not leaving the parking with you tonight.” It’s in part what makes this show highly entertaining. If nothing else sparked on Monday it was the chemistry between these regulars that made the show watchable.

Tuesday night was much more entertaining dancing wise. Eight women ranging from Kelly Osbourne to Kathy Ireland took to the stage where the heat of the rehearsal translated to the dance floor. There were surprises and dances that left the judges speechless – and not in a good way. Kathy Ireland’s salsa had no “sex” and Debi Mazar was accused of “over-thinking” her dance. But the highlight of the night was Kelly Osbourne. She turned from hard-rocker to graceful dancer before the audience’s eyes – instantly making her a fan favorite.

Night three consisted of filler as performances from the cast of The Lion King to Miley Cyrus filled the hour. The highly anticipated tribute to Patrick Swayze fell flat as the professional dancers had no sexual chemistry with their partners. However the judges requested the dance that they wanted to see performed again which goes to show that this Osbourne is not only loved by the viewers, but the judges as well. Let’s not forget that two celebrities were eliminated. Being a competition that heavily relies on fan votes the two couples who were the first to go were unsurprising.

Overall it was an exciting premiere, filled with surprises and entertaining performances from the dancing and judges alike.

Who will make it to the end and win the coveted disco ball? Tune in next week to find out.

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