Dean and Castiel’s Excellent Adventure

Season_Five_Title_CardEpisode Commentary: Free to Be You and Me

When last we left the Winchester boys, their mistrust caused them to take separate paths. While Sam attempts to give up the demon-hunting business, Dean joins Castiel in the search for God’s meat suit. In order to find God’s vessel they need to hunt down the archangel Raphael for information. This is where things start to get interesting.

Jeremy Carver does the writing honors as Dean and Castiel become a dry-wit comedy duo. Playing straight man to Dean’s sardonic humor mixes laughs and terror – a rare combination that causes an hour’s worth of entertainment. Meanwhile Sam is doing some research on the apocalypse in Arkansas. This draws him back into the hunting business and a little too close to hell for his comfort.

Returning to the odd couple of Dean and Castiel, Dean takes him to have the last night of his life human style whereas Sam can’t seem to “store his baggage away for the apocalypse.” Switching back and forth from the “den of iniquity” to Sam’s inner angst you almost forget that you’re watching a show about surviving evil until you hear the blood curdling scream of a prostitute. There’s also the girl who asks too many questions. Anyone who is that curious about Sam or Dean either ends up being a baddie of the otherworldly persuasion or on a slab in the morgue. It’s interesting to find out just what this woman will mean to the boys in the following episodes.

As we get back to why the show is called Supernatural, laughs are tempered and give way to heart-pounding action and psychological warfare. Raphael gives Castiel some truth and Sam is once again tested. The scenes with their intensity will find you on the edge of your seat. This expert direction of J. Miller Tobin in part is what makes this series exciting to watch. Through his expertise you’ll attempt to laugh and hold your breath at the same time.

Through it all Castiel retains his faith, Dean gets to have some fun and Sam – he’s still having dreams about his dead girlfriend. And the frightening revelations that are revealed at the end will have you reeling. The upcoming weeks for the Winchester boys are bound to the most exciting on television.

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