Last Week in Free MP3s 9-5-09

hanna montana“Everything I Want” – Steve Rushton

This tune has a light reggae beat that will make you smile. Rushton does try too hard to put more emotion than necessary in the simple lyrics, but that is easily forgivable. Yes the words are hokey, but it is still a welcome surprise from the Hannah Montana film soundtrack.

“Lower the Boom (featuring Pigeon, John & Akil from Jurassic 5)” – Sareem Poems

The beginning of this track sounds like a disorganized mess in the very beginning, but stick with it. It isn’t revolutionary rap; however the beat is well matched with the rhymes, which makes this song palatable.

“State Lines” – Matt Hires

Hires treads familiar ground of The Dave Mathews Band in a good way. The musicianship is tight and his vocal arrangements cause the listener to experience everything that is being sung. He has the capability of packing a subtle emotional punch with his lyrics. Metaphors abound in this track in a way that someone is desperately pleading with their lover to hang in there and stick with the relationship. You wind up rooting for the couple to make it. It is a rare talent to have someone get you emotionally invested in a song that is barely 3 minutes. Well worth a listen.

“BBQ Party” – Shonen Knife

For a group who has experienced various incarnations and has been around since the early ‘80s, Shonen Knife is showing no signs of slowing down with this song off their latest album Super Group. This track is exactly what the title describes – a backyard celebration that includes fried tofu. It’s their trademark sound – happy with a slow burn rhythm that flawlessly diverges into a driving fast beat. This tune will definitely leave you with a smile on your face.

“Robin” – Soy Un Caballo

This easy listening track is reminiscent of The Mama’s and Papa’s “Monday, Monday.” Its style consists of subtle musical arrangements punctuated with the lyrics sung in French. Not knowing the language doesn’t take away from the listener enjoying the track which lulls and relaxes you. In essence it’s a pleasant track that is worth your time.

“One at a Time” Cale Parks

“One at a Time” is a forgettable song with nothing new to offer. It suffers from wanting to be something relevant. Instead it has no presence and for something that has nothing to say it shouldn’t be over four minutes long.

“Exposition” – Eldar Djangirov

Whether or not you like jazz, you’ll love this track. The arrangement makes every instrument sound refreshingly new – as if you are hearing the piano and horns for the first time. It is a wild, enthusiastic ride filled with talented musicality. Quickly download this before the-powers-that-be know what they are giving away.

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