Chuck Gets KOed

dancing-with-the-starsPreviously on “Dancing With the Stars,” Debi Mazar’s Samba and lack of fan voting sent the Entourage star packing. This week, the four new dances (never performed before) are not only a challenge to the celebrities, but to the professional dancers as well.

The rope trick in the beginning of their two-step performed by Chuck Liddell and Anna T. did not go off as well. However, the “carnage and mayhem” that Liddell brought to the dance seemed to fit with his UFC championship roots. Melissa Joan Hart did some magic and scored a 28, rebounding from her dismal score last week. Then it was Aaron Carter’s turn. His performance of the Lambada was a make-it-or-break it situation. The sexiness had to come out in order to make this routine work. To the tune of Miami Sound Machine’s “Dr. Beat,” Carter seemed to falter and the judges had no mercy. Len and Bruno wanted to see more raunchiness, while Carrie Ann told him his dance was “hard to watch” – and for a dance that is supposed to ooze sex-appeal that’s not a good thing.

In the meantime, Donny Osmond played to his strengths with the Charleston. And according to Len, Michael Irvin’s Bolero was “economical.” Bruno carries on the metaphor with saying his dancing is like the economy “each week it’s supposed to be getting better, but then nothing happens.” Then there was Mya who ended Monday night with a fiery Lambada, which was an “erotic, exotic roller coaster” that Bruno wanted to ride till he couldn’t ride no more. This performance was so sexy and elegant that even Len brought out his high scoring paddle out of cold storage.

Tuesday night had Shakira as the featured singer. Her performance of one of her songs from her upcoming album She-Wolf seemed inaudible, but the Asian drummers saved a lukewarm performance. Then it was the professionals’ turn to perform the Argentine tango and the Paso Doble. They showed effortless passion, reminding us all why this is a vote-in show. In the meantime all the women were safe leaving the men in a precarious position. Then it was Shakira’s turn to perform again; this time it was “Hips Don’t Lie”. Let’s say her backup dancers made the song bearable as it was difficult to tell if Shakira was singing live or Memorex.

However, the focal point of Tuesday night is to eliminate another celebrity. A male does go home, sending a warning to the other stars that if you don’t have a fan-base you’re not safe.

As the weeks go on the judging will get tougher and the professional dancers won’t be able to hide the imperfections and lack of rhythm of the celebrities. With the high scoring paddles kept in hibernation by the judges these performers better step it up.

Next week, the celebrities have to learn two dances. With the pressure getting to these stars it will be interesting to see how they handle learning more than one routine that lasts one minute and 30 seconds.

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