Crashing and Burning

dexter_wall_03_1280x1024“Remains to be Seen” is the second episode of this suspenseful start to the fourth season of “Dexter.” Picking up from where episode one left off, Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall (“Six Feet Under”), is being pulled out of his car after his shocking crash. The opening scene is incredibly intense, as flashlights hit Dexter when he awakes.

While lying in the ambulance, Dexter has flashbacks of his last encounter with serial killer Benito Gomez. Anxious, Dexter wants to go to his car as he remembers that his latest victim might be found there, which will reveal his dark secret and put him behind bars. Luckily, a black bag was found, which contained Dexter’s murder tools instead of the suspected pieces of Gomez himself.

A nail-biting scene, this was.

As Dexter leaves the hospital on his own power, he loses his memory, which causes a big problem, because when he goes back to the crash site, the body of Gomez is not there. Dexter’s mind starts to wander in negative directions.

Maybe the police found it, and he will soon experience life behind bars. But the truth is that Dexter does not remember what he did with the body at all, leaving him no choice but to retrace his steps and go back to where it all started, the boxing ring, where he was last as he sliced and diced Gomez.

However, his hunt is held up due to Miami Metro dealing with two serial murders at the same time known as the vacation murders, which might bring Miami’s tourism industry to a complete stop. With that said, Dexter desperately tries to find ways to escape his job and find his missing project. With help from Harry, he reveals where the body was hidden, which will leave you impressed on why Dexter hid it there.

With that said, Agent Lundy, played by Keith Carradine (“The Hunters Moon”) continues to pick Dexter’s brain about helping him hunt for the Trinity Killer, played by John Lithgow (“Ricochet”), but Dexter does his best to avoid Lundy. It seems that Dexter wants nothing to do with Lundy, and is the last person with whom he would want to be associated.

Dexter knows how intelligent Lundy is, and back in season two, Dexter did everything he could to avoid Lundy, as he was almost caught several times. Fortunately for Dexter, he was able to clear himself and clean up the evidence which would’ve put him away for good. Not bad for a blood-splat analyst.

Character development is an interesting area in regard to this episode. The relationship between Bautista and Maria takes a curious turn. Agent Lundy and Debora go down memory lane, and Quinn and Dexter seem to have a tight burst which could cause a spark of explosion in episodes to come, and we find out a bit more about the Trinity Killer and his sadistic strategies on how he sets up his victims.

“Remains to be Seen” is an episode that will keep you interested throughout, waiting for what will happen next. Until next time, Dexter will be up and about and on the next case. But first, sleep. No, wait – baby.

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