Killing Kruger

dexter_wall_03_1280x1024Vacations are supposed to be sweeter when stress is high and peace is all that you desire.

In Dexter Morgan’s case however, a vacation from his family gives him the opportunity to take care of his errands and continue his reign of disposing of the enemy. The fourth episode of season four of “Dexter” is entitled “Dexter Takes a Holiday.” With Dexter’s family going away for three days, Dexter has 72 hours to work on his latest project. The only unique aspect of this whole situation is that Dexter is dealing with a female murderer by the name of Zoey Kruger, played by Christina Cox (“Defying Gravity”). Kruger is a cop who murdered her family. The evidence of a piece of latex glove found in her home by Dexter is enough to put her away for good. When she finds out that Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall (“Six Feet Under”), has discovered her dark secret, she threatens Dexter’s life.

Dexter on the other hand, has bigger plans for Kruger, and she becomes his next target. An intriguing scene when Kruger follows Dexter into a gas station restroom and puts a gun to his head, threatening to kill him. Dexter then gives her his forensic blood spatter slang on how she would not get away with killing him by describing different statistics and angles on how the blood would reveal that he was killed using self-defense. Coming from Dexter, you definitely consider him to be the ultimate lab geek.

Dexter not only plays blood-spatter teacher, but also he’s caught in a love triangle as Mr. Advice for Batista and Laguerta. Laguerta is looking for advice on how to handle their situation trying to keep their relationship open to the public while Baptista thinks otherwise. Both of them going to Dexter for his input seems comical, knowing Dexter wants nothing more than to go about his business and take care of his own problems.

Lundy and Deborah seem to be getting along fine. They’re working together day and night, and Deborah has the same feelings she had for Lundy ever since he showed up again from the beginning of this riveting season. Lundy’s run in with the Trinity killer was an interesting scene. It seems that the Trinity killer was leaving a trail for agent Lundy to follow, and it did work, because Lundy was very suspicious of him, putting his description on his tape recorder.

Dexter left a trail of his own for Kruger at his home as she tried to kill him. Making it look like a robbery, Dexter was prepared, but encountered a bit of trouble as Kruger fought back, breaking a mug that the kids made for him. Angering Dexter, he used his signature needle to the neck method, and it was lights out for Kruger. As she awoke, Dexter went through his routine and disposed of his latest victim.

Lundy and Deborah are taking a walk expressing their feelings for each other. As Deborah kisses Lundy and she walks away to her car, there is a sudden slow-motion effect and an ending that will leave everybody’s jaws drooping, being one of the most dramatic and shocking endings throughout this whole series.

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